Did cashiers and tellers suffer adverse effects from silver coins?

I own a small sack of silver coins, and recall that when I counted them, there was a faint “silvery” smell left on my fingers after handling them. Since silver can be toxic, this led me to wonder if, back in the day when silver coins were commonly used in commerce, if cashiers and tellers ever experienced ill effects from handling all that silver.

Elemental silver is non-toxic as far is I know.

Unless you’re a werewolf.

I think some salts of silver were shown to be carcigenic.

A wikipedia search shows it might turn you into a smurf .

I’ve worn a silver ring on my finger every day for the past ten years, and never had a bad effect.

Are you thinking of “quicksilver” or mercury. Cause that would be toxic, which is one reason why coins aren’t made of it. The fact that it’s liquid at room temperature is another reason.

Silver is toxic if you’re a bacterium, which is one reason it is used for cutlery. If it were toxic to humans, it wouldn’t be used for cutlery to this day.

As a kid we used to have fun putting mercury on silver coins (the only kind around then) with our fingers! Made them slippery and shiny.
As a teenager I did a stint trying panning for gold in the Sierras. Brought our tailings to the campfire, added mercury (to absorb the gold) and then burned off the mercury to reveal the (very little) precious gold. Had mercury on our hands and also breathed the fumes!
Probably why I’m so fucked up now. But, it was fun while it lasted.
(In two weeks we probably got about an ounce of gold which was at the time $36 an ounce.)

Nor jewelry.

Silver in coins is in a non-toxic form that I can’t imagine causing difficulties, even if you handled lots of silver coins habitually (otherwise we would have had an epidemic of argyria among bank tellers in years past).

One potential source of toxicity (as noted in the wikipedia link) is colloidal silver, which is promoted by fringe practitioners as an antibiotic/cure-all. It can cause a lot of trouble.

Worth mentioning that silver has antiseptic properties. Here’s a cite. Or a cite of a cite, if you prefer.

Or you cross the Lone Ranger.