Did Darrell Scott really say this to the House Judiciary Committee?

The following was forwarded to me by my cousin. My question is: is it for real? It seems to have some of the markings of an urban legend, but it does have specific names that can be checked. I agree with the sentiment expressed, more or less. (Sometimes more, sometimes less.) But what 'd really like to know is whether A)-this guy really exists. B)- Whether he ever addressed any committee of Congress, and C)- Is this actually anything close to what he said?

Answering your GQ question only–yes, Darrell Scott really did give that testimony before a House judiciary subcommittee.

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Probably true, but let’s leave it here now as a test of temptation.

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This has been manny’s piss into the wind moment for February, 2001.

In the interest of adding to a thread that probably should’ve been closed for being asked/answered…

People testify before Congressional committees all the time. They’re usually allowed to make an opening statement, and what they say then is up to them (and their lawyer, too, of course).

If the father of a victim of the Columbine shootings wants to rail against gun control and in favour of prayer in school, more power to him.

And, the media can suppress this all they want, but the Congressional Record will record it for eternity.

Finally, I can learn to resist everything but temptation…