Did Dear Abby just say what I think she said

I usually read Dear Abby each morning for a laugh. But in today’s column, she seems to have come up with a very un-ladylike risque zinger almost worthy of Cecil himself. The odd thing is that the key sentence doesn’t appear in today’s online column.

As published in my copy of today’s Miami Herald (International Edition), the answer to the first question reads:

The sentence in bold doesn’t appear in the on-line edition.

So what gives? Has anyone else seen this in their local editions? Or did some prankster at the Herald manage to hijack the type-setting program?

That sentence is not in the Rocky Mountain News.

Rats. I meant this to be in MPSIMS. If someone would report it to a mod (I can’t report my own post) I would appreciate it.

You can report anyone else’s post in the thread and ask via that.


I’m gonna have to start reading this gal. That was quite the volley.

It appears here as well.

A MASSIVE copyediting job by individual newspapers? Possible, especially if the distributor sent out an advisory with the column.

Me, too. :slight_smile:

It’s not in the San Jose Merc (Knight-Ridder).

Stop making a racket over this.

Oh, there is no love.

Apparently not available on the net.

Yes, yes I did; however, I hardly think you know me well enough to start calling me “Dear.” :dubious:

On a serious note, isn’t the collumn being largely written by (the other) Abby’s daughter these days? Perhaps that accounts for the zinger.

The deuce you say!

Yes. From the on-line edition:

Bolding mine. Perhaps this an opening salvo in Jeanne’s youth campaign. Maybe Pauline has been napping enough lately to let it get by her. :slight_smile:

The news distribution agency I work for currently shows 10 newspapers that carried today’s Dear Abby column: Deseret Morning News, Monterey County Herald, Sun-News, Duluth News-Tribune, The Sun Herald (Biloxi, MS), Belleville News-Democrat (IL), Wichita Eagle (KS), The Kansas City Star, Chicago Tribune, and The Philadelphia Daily News.

None of the articles contain the “balls” line.

It would seem that different publications edit the column to suit their tastes (and space constraints). The articles run in length from 330 to 697 words. For example, some articles open with I married “Simon,” a year ago, while some open with I married the love of my life, “Simon,” a year ago.

As I recall, Pauline suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, so she may not be aware of the progress of the column. :frowning:

I wasn’t aware. Sorry for the levity on that score, then.

The line does appear in the Boulder Daily Camera.

IIRC, Pauline’s gone to that great newspaper in the sky, so “napping” in the sense of “dirt nap” still works.

You are, I think, confusing her with her twin sister “Ann Landers,” (Esther Pauline “Eppie” Friedman Lederer), who died 3 years ago. “Abigail Van Buren” is/was Pauline Esther Friedman Phillips.

We need to figure out whose fault this is!