Did Elvis wear Levi's?

Or maybe veils.

I don’t really want to know. Just doing the obvious anagrams. Actually, we had our 111th Annual Christmas party tonight. The entertainment was an Elvis impersonator.

I’m not an Elvis fan. Sure, I like a couple of his songs. And I appreciate the kitsch. But Elvis impersonations just seem a bit sad to me. I mean, the guy’s been dead for coming on four decades. My sister, who was a teenager when I was little, was into The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. My childhood songs were from the British Invasion. Elvis Presley was was ‘old fashioned’. Elvis just isn’t a touchstone for me. He didn’t even play his guitar. The impersonator just pantomimed it. To be fair, the guy had a voice. But the show was just Elvis-themed karaoke.

Seattle has a ton of great bands. OK, some of the people at the party were probably at the first one. But KEXP has local bands in-studio, and I think much of the new music here would even be accessible to oldsters. Heck, I’m an oldster! ('80s was my era.) I know that people in the financial field aren’t known for their hiptitude, and that corporate entertainment has to be bland. But it sure would be nice to have entertainment that’s not lame. (Well, it didn’t cost me anything but time. It’s nice of our Members to foot the bill.)

That is an odd choice for entertainment, especially in Seattle.

I’ve never paid to see an Elvis impersonator, but I’ve seen a few on TV. None of them come close. Elvis was gorgeous and he could sing anything. Still makes me sad, how it all turned out.

As for corporate entertainment, a friend had an awesome time at an event where the main attraction was a psychic. She said if she didn’t know the people whose minds he was “reading”, she would have thought it was fake.

Actually, that should have been out 111th Annual Christmas party. Not 11th.


Well to answer the thread title, no Elvis did not wear Levi’s. As a child his family was very poor. He only had jeans to wear and was ashamed by that fact. After his fame he swore to never wear them again.

Don’t know why you’d say that!

Seriously though a lot of us this age are divided on the Elvis issue (trivia: there was a deleted scene in Pulp Fiction where Mia asks Vincent if he’s an Elvis guy or a Beetles guy [1:28]). At a tender young age I was drawn to him after stumbling onto my dad’s old 45s. In E’s defense he did play his guitar early on as an integral part of the band (00:49). Plus he almost single-handedly paved the way for rock and roll.

Did he wear Levi’s what? :confused:

Levi’s jeans. Short for ‘Levi Strauss & Co.’

Yes, the apostrophe is part of the logo.