Did GW Bush really do this, or is it just glurge?

All righty, a friend sent me this, looks glurgey, but it has some specific characters so I just though I’d ask the teeming millions. BTW, would someone please answer my question before this ends up in GD, thanks.

Here it is:

There is a man in our church, Jeff Benoit, who has a friend who served on President Elect Bush’s campaign in Austin, and she called him to tell this story. Last week, Gov. Bush appeared at the thank-you banquet for his campaign staff, and was going table to table to shake hands with the 1000+ campaign volunteers. He got to one lady, who by a brief comment she made, indicated she was a Christian. She was there with her 16 year old son. Gov. Bush asked him if he was a believer, too. He said he didn’t think so. Gov. Bush then asked, “Do you mind if I tell you how I came to know Christ as my Saviour?” The boy agreed, and Gov. Bush pulled up a chair and witnessed to him for 30 minutes, and led him in the sinners prayer!! Jeff’s friend was so choked up, she could hardly tell the story through tears. Yes, my dear friend, we are living in the in times. How glorious to know that our new president is a man that doesn’t feel the political pressure to glad-hand 1000 people, but would take 30 minutes of his precious time to lead a teenager to Christ.

Since this is GQ, not GD, I will ignore whether or not this alledged behavior is admirable.

  1. Specific person
  2. vague reference
  3. unless there was only one such banquet, vague reference
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Specificity ratio: 20%. I’d say this is very likely an UL. If you want more than a WAG, though, the person to ask is your friend, not us. Ask him/her what the deatails are. The answers that you get, or the lack thereof, will tell you more accurately than a message board will.

It’s odd if Bush does this sort of thing that it wouldn’t be mentioned in the newspapers. For instance, Jimmy Carter taught Sunday School, and this fact appeared quite a few times in news stories about him.

It sounds like an urban legend designed to instill confidence in the GOP’s fundamentalist Christian base, who want to feel confident that W is “Christian” enough to do “Christian” deeds such as stock the Supreme Court with judges who will ban abortion and get prayer into schools.

If you hadn’t become a Christian despite 16 years of your mother’s influence, why would 30 minutes of talk from some politician you’d never met before have any effect?

IMHO a leader of such a multi cultured country as the USA shouldn’t be trying to convert anybody.

Religion + Politics = Bad Idea

religion + politics = bad idea. too right, but guess they’ve got to think about the future…and ensure they’ve got someone’s vote next time round!

Because this is America and Bush is famous. Famous people are revered as gods in our country.

This is supposed to have occurred in Austin Texas. Non christians would be in the minority. So if someone mentioned they are christian, you would have no reason to be surprised, and so there would be no reason to question her son about his religion.

Probably an UL.

But, Bush has mase no bones about his Christianity, and it’s public knowledge that he has taken a lot of guidance from Billy Graham. I believe he has even discussed it in interviews, esp. one anecdote which basically showed how he was a more fervent, born-again type than his own parents.

In short, the story is probably bogus, but it’s something people on both sides of the Christian issue might expect him to do, so who cares? It’s like an UL about him taking a ride on his horse at his ranch last Wednesday. Maybe it happened. Maybe it didn’t. It’s the sort of thing he might do, given what we know of him, and it doesn’t matter either way.

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I live in Austin and have not heard this one. The streets are rife with Dubya stories, though… One that I have heard repeated by some (supposedly) eye witnesses:

Dubya and his wife attend a local church rather frequently and every Christmas they make it a habit to help the pastor during the Christmas Communion service by passing out the “bread and wine”. However, apparently this Christmas the section where they sat was dominated by secret service and security people, so the Bush’s were not able to serve communion to regular church members as was the norm. Again, just heresay, but an amusing thought, nonetheless.

I live in Austin, too and I definitely read in the paper that the Bushes regularly helped with communion at their church. I think it’s pretty brave of the church to trust W. with their wine.

Evidently you don’t know much about teenagers. :slight_smile:

That said, it’s obviously an urban legend. A professional politician would not leave a thousand people waiting for half an hour while he tried to convert a teenager in the middle of a banquet.

The religious right’s going to be very disappointed in Bush. Very disappointed indeed.

At some Protestant churches, it’s actually grape juice. I once went to a church that did that, and they served it in little tiny individual glasses–they weren’t taking any risks there, I guess.

Welch’s Grape Juice was created to serve just such a purpose. At one time (and for all I know to this day) there was a vocal minority of abolitionists that wanted to remove alcohol from the communion service.

Bush is Methodist, and Methodists use unfermented grape juice for Communion.

In particular, Bush the younger is noted for his promptness. He will happily leave an important political event for a lesser on if that’s what he scheduled. He shortens speeches if dinner goes on too long, etc.

This is one of the things the press likes about him, as Clinton ran to the other extreme, and the press (and Clinton’s guests) often sat around cooling their heels waiting for him.

Bush is more deadline-friendly.

So, yeah, this story is almost certainly not true.

Uhhh… Does the phrase “In God we trust” mean anything to you? Are you kidding, the constitution is full of religion.

This made me think back to when I was in Christian (Baptist) school, and the teacher was talking about Those Evil Catholics And The Many, Many Reasons Why They Are Going To Hell, and the conversation came around to the Catholic practice of Communion and the wine used therein. This was really bad, of course.

“But even Jesus turned the water into wine!” I protested. “Surely if He did that, He wouldn’t object to a little sip In Rememberence Of Him, right?”

The teacher’s face turned an ugly shade of purple as she said through her teeth that Jesus might have turned the water into wine, but it wasn’t FERMENTED!

I said, “Well, isn’t ALL wine fermented? I thought that’s what MADE it wine!” and she made me leave the room. IIRC, I got about a week’s detention out of that.