Did Harvard Give Ted Kennedy the Boot?

Is it true that Ted Kennedy was kicked out of Harvard University for cheating? - Jinx

Yes, Kennedy had a friend to take a Spanish exam for him and was expelled. He joined the Army for two years and was later re-admitted.

According to my father, who was at UVa in the late 1950s, Ted Kennedy was almost kicked out of the UVa school of law as well. I forget the details, but apparently first-year law students at UVa were not permitted to keep a car at school, or something like that. Ted had a big-ass Cadillac and kept getting busted by the cops in it. That ran him afoul of the strict UVa honor code, and he had to wiggle hard to avoid getting punted.

(I should add that undergraduate freshmen were not permitted to keep cars at UVa either, yet my father regularly secreted away his '39 Mercury somewhere around campus. Obviously, more than one student there was willing to risk expulsion in order to keep a set of wheels.)

The rationale being that Mr. Jefferson never had a car.