Did/has the Heller Supreme Court ruling made any difference in DC?

Are firearm retailers in the District of Columbia allowed to sell handguns?

Chicago politicians have all but made handguns illegal. Registered guns are legal, except you can’t register them. Oh. Oops.

I would like to see the Illinois Supreme Court challenge Chicago’s, or Cook County’s gun laws. Just like the Supreme Court did with DC.

I’m a bit tired of the end around run that legislators and anti-gun folks try to make.

Let’s get this over with. Stop twisting the law or the 2nd amendment.

I’m from Illinois, born in Chicago and I now live in Colorado.

I’m pro Obama AND pro gun rights. If it matters.

To the best of my knowledge there are no firearms retailers in DC. Even if someone wanted to open one, I suspect that the local ANCs and the DCRA would make it almost impossible to set up shop in the District. Opening any business here in DC can be a difficult and frustrating process, and that is when the city is indifferent. If it is something that the city leaders and voters disapprove of, and I guarantee that your live will be miserable.

I think the best bet for would be gun owners would be to be able to buy a gun in either Maryland or as is more likely in Virginia.

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