Did he really say that?

Real quote from real article. Bolding mine.

"Attendance and revenue at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington declined after the July accident in which a Dallas woman **fell to her death **from the Texas Giant roller coaster, company executives said Wednesday.

“There clearly was an impact,” Jim Reid-Anderson, chief executive of Grand Prairie-based Six Flags Entertainment Corp., told Wall Street analysts during a conference call to discuss its third-quarter results.

Anybody else got a WTF quote to share?

Not surprising, coming from Six Flags; I’ve never seen a company show so much contempt for their own customers.

At least he didn’t say that attendance plummeted after the incident.

He doesn’t appreciate the gravity of the situation.

The accident happened in July, I wonder if the ride re-opened for the fall season?

He was upset by the fall in revenues.

I certainly understand the concern that their business has cratered, or at least was cratered. How do you bounce back from that?

He’s promised to get to the bottom of this plunge, and crack it wide open.

You’re all sick! I love you.

Holy shit, it did!

But was hopeful they would bounce back !

They can’t understand why this story was splattered all over the headlines.