Did Hitler exempt from deportations German Jewish veterans of WWI?

I was reading somewhere today that Hitler had issued an order or some guidelines that exempted Jewish veterans who had fought for Germany in WWI from being deported( And ultimately killed)

Does anyone know anything about this? To me, it sounds like bullshit, given the Nazis hatred of Jews. But being that Hitler was a veteran, he may have had a soft spot for other veterans, even Jewish ones.

Apparently no, even Jewish war heroes were subject to the Nuremburg Laws, and later the death camps. Some Nazis were uncomfortable with the thought of treating decorated German/Jewish patriots of WWI the same as “the common rabble”, but Hitler and Himmler made no such distinctions, despite Hitler’s having been a veteran himself. Just one more thing to make the guy a jerk.

Google, “hitler exempted jewish veterans”.

Nuremburg transcript.

Wannsee Protocol.

However, in some cases, Mischling in the armed forces (Under Nazi racial law, Mischling were people of “mixed” blood…the offspring of Jews and non-Jews) were actually allowed to stay in the armed forces. There’s a new book out, which unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of, that studies those Mischling in the armed forces.

I think that the memorial treatment of Werner Voss might have been an exception. He died in 1917 as a pilot of unusual abilitites who was hot on the trail of von Richtofen’s high score, and wound up fourth on the list of most successful German pilots.

Later, between the wars if I remember rightly, it was alleged that he was of Jewish descent; that does not appear to have radically altered the adulation he received posthumously.

However, another fellow by the name of Wilhelm Frankl was conspicuously excluded from the list of WWI pilots who received certain honors from the Nazi government in 1938, presumably because he was Jewish. I don’t know much about the guy, or even if he survived the war, but I’m hitting the Library of Congress this week and if I have some time I’ll try to dig out something about him.

If Frankl survived the war, he might be an interesting example of the treatment Jewish veterans received under Nazi Germany–he got tagged with a Blue Max for eight victories, and went on to a total of twenty, as best I can tell.