Did Hitler have Jewish ancestors?

Question came up in another thread, continuing on a story I’ve heard many times before, concerning Adolf Hitler’s antecedents and the possiblility than one of his grandparents was Jewish, and that Hitler went to extreme and elaborate lengths to conceal this from the public at large.

At one point I thought this had been tracked down, and was propaganda spread by his numerous (and well deserved) enemies, who figured anti-Semites would have contempt for Hitler based on his ancestry, while sane people would sneer at this weakness. Makes sense to me.

But on reflection, I realize I can’t remember precisely where I read what I think I read, one of the identifying characteristics of historical wrongedness.

So, I place the question before the Teeming, or at the foot of the Master: Was Hitler a yidischer boychik!?

The Master has already addressed the question Was Hitler part Jewish? although the answer may not bring the closure that some might require.

How exactly did Hitler die anyway?

I’ll close this thread at the request of the OP.

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