Did HRC Back Up Her Charges (Regarding Trump)?

Hillary said (on TV) that ISIS was using video clips of Donald Trump’s remarks (about muslims) as a recruiting tool. Trump has said that these charges are untrue-has HRC supplied any evidence to prove her claim?


Where in that article does it say ISIS is using video clips of Donald Trump as a recruiting tool?

How about here:

I guess I’m going blind because I can’t see the words ‘video’ or ‘clip’ in there anywhere.

I think you’re being incredibly pedantic about that. It also doesn’t say that he had taken a hit off of a helium tank before speaking. Are we to assume he did because it’s not specifically mentioned?

Trump’s clips are all over the Internet. All it would take is an ISIS member showing one to a prospective recruit from a smartphone. That’s what Hillary was talking about.

You’re correct. Isis propagandists have watched the videos, transcribed them, translated them into Arabic, and written them in beautiful calligraphy on papyrus scrolls that they have disseminated across Syria using a veritable army of trained budgies.

That’s not what she said. I don’t really care, but Trump is called a liar for every bit of hyperbole he vomits, why is Hillary not held to the same standard?

Trump is a recruiting tool, emphasis on…, well, you get the idea.

Well, I thought until recently that there was no video and Hillary confused text propaganda with video, but it seems that Hillary was not completely off base according to NBC. Still what Trump has said and claimed is way beyond the pale:

One should wonder where is he getting all that trash, and that makes it worse, for example Trump got that chart on black crime from neo nazi site.

So, as pointed many times before, Trump is an incompetent or an ignorant racist twit. Your choice.

I think he is being deliberately racist in order to win an election. He says plenty of crap to be taken to task for, there’s no reason to make things up.

As I pointed one should wonder what is a politician using for a source, and looking closely it is clear that as usual most media is not bothering to check with their targets to clarify:

So, it is not that Clinton pulled that out of thin air, and it is still clearer that Trump did pulled his ignorance out of his ass and from even worst places of the internet.

The sad fact is that extremists over here benefit from extremists over there. Is anybody surprised that the reverse should be true as well?

All that article does is say some other people said the same thing as HRC. How about showing us the actual material they are talking about? Then we can decide for ourselves.

Do you honestly believe Hillary is not being called a liar by anyone? She is constantly called a liar, a murderer, untrustworthy, unethical.

Watch 30 minutes of FOX news you’ll see an instance in no time.

Trump might be called a liar more, that might be because he lies more.

The accusation against Hillary, I thought, was that she made this up – if others said this, then at least it seems as though she didn’t make it up. Still may have been wrong, but that’s very different then inventing something out of whole cloth.

No thank you. The mainstream media has addressed this and found Hillary lacking. There is no ISIS video with Donald Trump as she claimed or it would be all over the news. It’s not the media holding her to a different standard, it’s you.

Would it be surprising, then? If ISIS uses anything in finds to bolster their point that America hates Islam? Wouldn’t the opposite be more difficult to believe? Wouldn’t they be using whatever sound bites from prominent and/or powerful Americans the can find to emphasize that point?

Now, that would be something, wouldn’t doubt its already happened. I mean, ISIS propagandists trying to make it out like Obama is some kind of fanatical Christian crusader, at the same time as some tighty righty is on Fox Gnaws swearing he’s a Muslim…