Did Hugh Jackman really back out on a duet with Anne Hathaway?

Or was that just a gag to give her the chance to sing a solo last night during the Oscars ceremony? Google has failed me.

Also, did Christian Bale forget his wife’s name? Enquiring minds want to know!

I have no idea about the OP’s question but my theory on Bale is he didn’t forget her name but intended to say something extra to her and that went out of his head.

We talked about Bale in the Oscar thread last night. The prevailing opinion was that he just got choked up at that point. But only Bale knows for sure.

I think Bale got choked up, although at first I did think he forgot her name.

I suspect the Jackman thing was a joke; if he had truly backed out at the last minute 1) it would have been unprofessional to call him out on it and 2) they wouldn’t have time to write the song. Although it sounded like the song was written in about three minutes that probably wasn’t actually the case.

What Skammer said. That thing had joke written all over it.

Hugh Jackman hosted the awards just two years ago, he’s not going to back out on a production number. Also, didn’t he present later on in the evening?

He kind of presented with Kirk Douglas. He held his cane and played hand over hand with him to see who got to read the winner(Douglas got to, obviously).

That wasn’t Hugh Jackman standing there with Kirk Douglas, was it? It was a taller, thinner dude, I thought.

If Jackman had really backed out of a song, they wouldn’t have shown him (laughing) in the audience. It was just a joke.

And no, that was not Jackman with Kirk Douglas. I assumed it was a grandson or something, but it was Omar Sharif Jr.

Jackman did present, but with Nicole Kidman, who I admit is a dead ringer for Kirk Douglas.

It’s the pale skin…

I saw Hugh Jackman interviewed outside the Governor’s Ball after the awards. He was asked the title question, and seemed very surprised that anyone didn’t immediately recognize the bit as a joke. He confirmed that he was not actually scheduled to do a duet with Anne.

Wow, I was way off. That wasn’t him with Kirk Douglas.