Did Humans Evolve on Mars?

The earth’s rotation 9day0 is 24 hours, but the circadian rhythm 9which is the internal clock that humans run on) is about 24 hours, 53 minutes-almost excatly the length of a martian “day”. So is it possible that humans actually evolved on mars , and came to the earth in the distant past? Do non-human primates share the human circadian period?

I’m gonna go way out on a limb, here, and say “no.”

No, the best evidence available to science suggets that Mars has been a desert under vacuum for a billion or more years. There’s simply no period during which humans could have evolved there. OTOH, the ejection of Venus from Jupiter and its close encounter with earth in the 8th century BCE could’ve change our day length.

Yes, actually, we did. The men, anyway; I saw a book about it at Barnes & Noble.

I don’t know the answer to that, but I think that you’d have to know the circadian periods of more than just primates. Mammalian forbears, for example. And earlier branching species.

If there were some marked period when circadian rhythms suddenly changed from Terran to Martian, simultaneous with radically different biology (say, from silica to carbon based), and this happened just after the time we observed great explosions in the Martian city of T’fratsj, then I’d say you’re onto something. And evolutionary biologists would have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Absent those events, however, I’d have to chalk it up to coincidence.

Only some of us. And they’re overrepresented online. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, if we had, our DNA would not match those of other animals so well.

David Bowie did.

Okay, you’re just being crazy, here. ralph124c provided a strongly supported hypothesis for human biogenesis, and you are just going to dismiss his theory out of hand because of a few modest issues regarding “virtually no atmopsheric pressure”, “no surface water”, “no plausible way humans could be naturally transported between Mars and Earth,” and other piddling issues. I bet you don’t believe in sasquatch either.

It’s skeptics like you that keep knowledge of the Time Cube out of public education.


I think the circadian rythm is designed to be reset every day by daylight. Perhaps the internal clock is merely a backup - i.e. the next cycle starts when the sun rises or when 25 hours have passed from the last sunrise.

Of course, but then again, he has eight legs.

No. God created us on Mars.

So, naturally, we all arrived here on Noah’s Ark. Even the animals. Makes perfect sense.

I’m proud to be able to kick this out of MPSIMS (it’s too silly) and hand it on over to GQ (where it’s just silly enough).

Good luck, Water Brothers.

So perhaps i’ll need to start a whole new thread to get any serious answers here, but does anyone know why our body clocks don’t run on 24hr cycles?

And does anyone else feel their body clock is like really far off 24hrs? I always feel like i prefer sleeping for about 10-12hrs then being awake for about 20 or so. Am i weird? If i ever have long periods of time without any regulating activity (like, you know, going to work) this is the cycle i seem to get into.

The chances of anyone coming from Mars are a million to one.

Can’t say for sure, but if you consider the length of time for evolution, the rate of change in our bodies (across generations), the fact that the solar system is not static, the fact that we have been fairly protected from many evolutionary pressures due to our somewhat-control of the environment more recently, and if you end up with a circadian rhythm that’s pretty close for most people, then your doing pretty good.

Yeah, we arrived just in time to kill off the dinosaurs.

How about primitive life evolving on Mars (during its brief wet period), being ejected by a
meteorite impact, traveling here and landing, and then evolving here into the more complex life
forms we see? I think Sagan promoted that one…

We’ll find out about that once we isolate some remnant martion bacteria and show that they have the same codon usage table as do “earthly” organisms. If that’s the case, people will still argue about whether the migration was Mars->Earth, or Earth->Mars.

Sounds more like Fred Hoyle to me. We have fossil evidence of life back to about 3.8 Byr to very primitive organisms; positing that this life was somehow transported from Mars is neither necessary nor in any way indicated or suggested by available evidence. It’s also likely that Mars’ rate of rotation was likely to be different than it is currently, though perhaps not as dramatically as Earth’s, lacking, as it does, a large moon, so any argument based upon circadian rhythms–a somewhat contentious topic anyway–has much weight in that direction.

Primitive humans, like other foraging mammals, likely didn’t sleep for 8-10 hour periods at a time, so anything comparing the sleep and habitation behavior of modern man to that of wild animals and hominids is highly suspect at best. Since humans are certainly diurnal (that is, they forage during the day, and rest/take cover at night) sleep cycles would have to change with the seasons. Modern humans are certainly not strongly tied to any natural rhythms–hence, late night Cinemax, Taxi Driver, and the number of marriages strained by unsynchronized sleep habits–and so variations in sleep habits of modern humans and domesticated animals are not indicative in any way, shape, or form of natural evolutionary pressures, any more than the neon-lit steam-filled streets of Tokyo resemble the grassy plains of sub-Saharan Africa.