Did I dislocate my JAW?

I have no idea. When I bite down normally on my back, right molars, it hurts - right up into my ear canal when it’s really bad. I thought it was an ear infection at first, then I realized that my teeth don’t fit together properly any more. This has been going on for several weeks without getting any better. But my appearance hasn’t changed.

How did I do this? I had a cold several weeks ago and, during one nose-blowing session, I tried to clear my ears by pushing my jaw forward. When I closed it, it felt as though something weird happened. It’s been this way ever since.

The question - to whom does one go to fix this kind of thing? The dentist or the doctor? And, more important, how much pain, suffering, and - yes, money - will it cost to take care of this? Has anyone else ever suffered this very odd injury?

I think your sig line says it all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I once yawned so hard it sent one my jaw muscles into an incredibly painful spasm. It hurt for the rest of the day but thankfully went away–I really wasn’t looking forward to explaining to any kind of doctor how I’d torn a tendon there.

Gee, your boyfriend must’ve been real big…:slight_smile:

Seriously, if you have TMJ or the like, you better get it checked. It can throw you off badly (headaches, tooth problems due to misalignment, etc.)

it sounds like you may have popped your jaw out of place. the fact that it isn’t getting better is a bad sign. off to the dentist with you. the good news is there will be no shots, or drilling. the worst that will happen is perhaps an impression for a night guard to help your jaw realign.

if you don’t get it treated things will get ugly.

any clicking sounds when you chew?

No, no clicking. Oddly enough, it started improving yesterday - the day after I started this. Once again, we see the healing powers of the SDMB!

Those “jaw charley horse” things are rather awful and freaky, although on the rare occasions its happened to me, the pain went away after a few minutes. Also, sneezing and coughing or sneezing and hiccuping simultaneously is a rather bizarre sensation. Likewise, burp-coughs, burp-sneezes, and burp-hiccups are rather odd combinations, but have been known to happen. I wonder if anyone has ever done a simultaneous yawn-burp-hiccup-sneeze-cough…now that would be a real head trip.

no clicking is a good sign. popped jaws do go back on their own sometimes. night guards help them go back faster and stay there. try adding some heat to the area. that will loosen your jaw muscles a bit so your teeth can line up again.