Did I just see Molly Sims' breast on network Tv?

I was watching the first episode of Las Vegas (I think it was the first). Molly Sims was in bed, topless, with her back to the camera.
She shifted a bit and I saw her breasts reflected in the window.
Were they blurred at all? I wasn’t sure. Was this the first time bare breasts were shown on network TV in a sexual manner? I know Schindler’s List was shown unedited but there was nothing sexual about that, obviously.


They were indeed shown. This is uncommon, but not unheard of on network TV. It was apparently not intentional, just something that was not caught by the producers before the episode aired. NYPD Blue shows breasts on a semi-regular basis, so I wouldn’t say this is a first.

I do wonder how much longer it will be before the showing of breasts on network TV will be a routine event. I would guess the day is coming soon. I remember ten years ago when hearing ‘bitch’ was a shock. The walls are a-crumblin’ down.

You see breasts in CSI a couple times too. Yet another reason why I like that show.

Valerie Perrine became the first woman to display (on purpose) her nipple’s on American network television during the May 4, 1973 broadcast of Bruce Jay Friedman’s play STEAMBATH shown on Hollywood Television Theater (PBS).” Several other instances of exposure, accidental or scripted, from the '50s through the '90s, are included.

And yet ironically, the movies nowadays are tending towards less nudity. Even in a movie like Terminator 3, which is already R, and which has a (justified) scene of a nude woman (well, she looks like a woman, anyway), we don’t quite see any nipplage. And many movies now are being made without nude scenes at all, which would have been in them a decade or two ago.