Did I miss anything exciting?

I was Bayard for most of my time here, then I changed my name to Defensive Indifference, then I took a break for almost a year. Now I’m back. You missed me, didn’t you?

So. What’s been going on?

Welcome back. There’s a couple of beers in the fridge and some leftover stew in there too, help yourself.

TubaDiva passed away last summer, right after the migration to the new software. That was quite a shock.

Everyone will soon need something new to bitch about now that Trump has been kicked to the curb. I’m personally really looking forward to the dearth of Trump and related threads.

A couple of long-time posters were banned, and a few more went AWOL. That’s unfortunate.

I’m still here, so the place is all that much more awesome.

While you were gone, Ed Zotti decided to share profits and gave us each $1,000,000. Sorry you missed it!

Welcome back!

You ain’t missed shit.

That’s ok. I made a killing on GameStop stock.

Not really.

Oh, and good to see you again, Spice Weasel!

Ahhh yes I remember when you posted as Bayard. Always made me think of the New York World publisher and Pulitzer Prize winner Herbert Bayard Swope.

Welcome back!

As to what happened while you were gone…looks like Lancia covered the major points.

And don’t forget the COVID lockdown. We’ve all been locked down for far too long. I have perfected my bread and soup making but I look forward to getting out and about in a normal way.

No, you did miss shit. A whole lot of it. And much of it continues.

Welcome back.

I always remember you as “that guy that went to my high school.” Welcome back!

Thanks! Good to see you again!

Welcome back! I’m Cecil now, but don’t tell Beckdawreck.

Aside from TubaDiva, Jonathan Chance died. Tomndebb retired and there are 4 new mods: puzzlegal, Raventhief, What_Exit, and me.

I remember your name as a regular, but don’t have much of an impression of who you are or what you said. That’smy fault, not yours.

I came back 9 months ago after 2-1/2 years off. It took about 10 minutes to fallback into the 'Dope habit.

Nah, I’m pretty forgettable. I’m a cybersecurity guy and a partisan liberal hack. That’s about it. I used to post in baseball threads but I haven’t followed baseball much lately.

Hey. I see that, you know.
@Cecil_Adams is Cecil Adams.

And you need to know I’m here. Nice to meet you.