Did i miss the dinosaur extinction anniversary?

As far back as i remember, i always heard the dinosaurs extinctified 65 million years ago…
I’ve recently started seeing references to it being 66 million years…
So when did that tick over ?

Reminds me of the old joke about a student being asked when the dinosaurs went extinct and he answered sixty-five million and eight years ago. He was asked how he came up with such a precise figure. He said that his teacher had told him in the second grade that the dinosaurs had gone extinct sixty-five million years ago and it had been eight years since then.

It would be interesting to know the history of the dating. The Wikipedia page on the K–Pg boundary lists 66.043 +/- 0.011 Ma, which is more precision than I expected (not that I’m the least bit up to speed on radiometric dating.)

Well, 2020 has already lasted for approximately 1,000,000 years.

Radiometric dating techniques have improved and we have been able to get a more precise estimate of when the K-PG boundary is. It is basically a thin layer of ash found worldwide above which there are no non-avian dinosaurs.

Which supports my theory that the avian dinosaurs had a big barbecue and ate all of the other dinosaurs.

But, no, everyone wants to blame the asteroid.

So, tell Donald and he’ll make them teach the BBQ theory in schools.

Teach the controversy

Yeah, i reckon part that and part some scientist who just wants to be different.

I’ve found a good tertiary source from Quora which is in line with your post.


Well, there goes my reason for opening this thread - in the first reply, no less!

It’s all them leap-seconds the atomic-clock people kept throwing in. They added up.