Did I nearly faint?

Today I biked up to town (about 1 kilometer) and went into McDonalds. When I got to the counter a few moments later everything was starting to go black, a little like when you go into a darker room having been outside in bright sunlight. It was a little “swimmy” too. Sound was incredibly dampened, it felt like I had water in my ears, and I could barely stand. I ordered (more or less, I couldn’t remember the Swedish words for some of the stuff) asked to get my drink straight away, and sat down.

Once I had drunk about half my drink I started feeling a little better, and was able to leave the store about 5 minutes later. I got back on my bike and cycled another half kilometer and ate up my food and new drink. About a half an hour later I was looking at somones cellphone and remarked on how heavy it was, I took out my own phone to show them, and realised it wasn’t their phone that was heavy, it was me that was really weak, my own phone felt like a brick.

I hadn’t done anything differently during the day, I had eaten quite lightly (a cheese and ham sandwidge), but I have often eaten less and then engaged in more strenuous activited (cycled further for example). Nothing like this has ever happened before though.

Did I just nearly faint, or can I continue to have hypochondriac fantasies about mini-strokes?

IANAD, so until a doc comes allong…
What you discribe sounds like when I have nearly passed out (happened a few times in Martial Arts training). Was it very sunny, and were you not wearing a hat, maybe it could have been a little heat stroke. I would see a doctor and mention what happened. Hopefully a Doc will come in and give you better advice.

If anything a little too cold for my taste, but again, been out in lots worse (ended up cycling in a snowstorm on saturday).

I am banking on dehydration/blood-sugar-fall, even though I hadn’t eaten or drunk less than I have in similar situations. I am guessing that maybe a myriad of circumstances combined to make the amount I had eaten or drunk too little or something. Would be nice to hear from a medical folk or two tho.

I think that your two questions are not mutually exclusive, but you seem to have gotten weak and lightheaded. Those are two sensations that often precede fainting. I’d suggest, as people often say on this board, that if such sensations recur and you are uncomfortable about your medical condition, you consult, face to face, a physician. While there is much to be learned from skulking around this bbs, get your medical advice in a doctor’s office.

It sounds like how I felt when I got dehydrated. At the same time, of course, no one can diagnose you online. Go to a doctor if you think it’s a problem.

From least to most worrisome:

[li]lack of oxygen (your cardiovascular/lung fitness sucks)[/li][li]overexertion leading to a blood pressure differential that your body wasn’t used to dealing with (IOW you’re out of shape and you shocked your system with being physically demanding)[/li][li]dehydration [/li][li]Blood sugar or electrolyte imbalance (could be from lack of proper nutrition in preparation for exercise, or an underlying medical problem like diabetes)[/li][li]Sun/heatstroke (usually accompanies dehydration, since you need liquids to sweat in order to keep cool)[/li][li]heart or brain attack (aka a stroke), minor[/li][/list=1]

Any of these causes can lead to weakness, lightheadedness, vision problems, balance loss, and passing out (fainting).

You should have stayed at the McDonalds, cooled down completely, had plenty to drink, and then, plenty to eat. If you didn’t feel 100% after that, then you should have gotten a car ride (not riding your bicycle after feeling faint, you blockhead!) or ambulance ride to a doctor or emergency room.


I am not a doctor but a play a person with common sense in real life.