Did I photograph the eclipse in these pictures?

I used my Ipad to take some pics of the sun during the eclipse. We got 85% coverage.

Nothing came out in the actual sun, but look below the sun. I circled the relevant portion in my pictures.

What is that?


Look my friend’s pic also has it.

These small cameras are prone to reflections it seems.

So its probably a refelection of the image … which only shows up the brightest part… the sun.
The reason its not a circle may be because the moon has notched a bit out of it.

You would have needed brightness reduction , eg a filter, or a camera obscura box setup, to get it to photograph the sun directly. The CCD camera might have made the camera obscura image easier to see…

Yep, you captured it in lens flare.

Yeah, a reflection of the eclipse on a section of receptors not overexposing the white light.

I’ve seen a lot of those since the eclipse.


Lens flare.

I made a 1-hr iPhone video of the eclipse, and the sun is complelty blown out the whole time, but there is a little crescent-shaped lens flare which rotates around the sun and shows the phases perfectly. It’s pretty neat.

Some people would claim that you photographed Planet X (aka Nibiru).


Did you upload it? I’d like to see it.

I’m still on the road, and won’t be back for a few days, but I will when I get home, and post back.

As a kid, my friend tried to photograph a partial eclipse and saw something similar. It must be internal reflection within the lens creating false image(s).

As mentioned above, it’s lens flare, but also bear in mind: it’s not a false image. It’s the actual eclipse. Intentionally chasing the lens flare was the goal of a fairly large group of us, in fact, given that it actually worked.

OK, here it is:

J. J., is that you?

That’s a really cool picture.

Here’s another short time-lapse video I made: