Did Israel invent the cell phone?

I am with a guy here at work who just told me that Israel invented the cell phone. Now, I understand that the technology has been around for many, many years, so I find it hard to believe. He stated that they invented the cell phone but it is not widely publicized, or else many countries would not use it (middle east, etc.).

I call bull#hit. Has anyone ever heard of this? Did Israel invent the cell phone? Are there any facts that might lead up to believing that Israel invented the cell phone?

The answer is a flat NO!

** Who Invented the Cell Phone **

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That article doesn’t mention whether Cooper read Heinlein:

Good enough for me. GQ pulls through as always!

  1. Science fiction often “invents” things that eventually come to pass, as ideas are (usually)easier than making a working product. It would be interesting to know how much sci-fi influenced particular inventions. (I know of a few instances, but I’d like a comprehensive list.)
  2. They were putting portable phones in cars in the 1940’s, that particular Heilein book was published in 1953 (according to the link).

No cites, but I maybe recall that Israel might have adopted cell phone technology very quickly, perhaps more quickly than any other country. Perhaps this fact, if true, may have evolved into what the OP’s coworker believes.

Or maybe the coworker is part of the International Jewish Conspiracy, and privy to knowledge we don’t have…

Much of the R&D for the modern cell phone was indeed done at Motorola-Israel. To this day Motorola maintains a large R&D center in Israel, as does Microsoft, Google, Intel and most other high-tech companies. Israel is widely regarded as an important technology center in the world, second only to Silicon Valley. Officially, the first cell phone call ever made was done by Motorola’s senior engineer in New York. But it is a assumed that unoficial testing calls were made both in Israel and the US before that.

Must be another Zionist plot, like the new anti-Muslim sharks.

I have a cousin who works in an HP engineering lab in Israel. It’s amazing how few people know how much high tech work is done there for well-known companies.

Sorry about the highjack. Carry on.

It is worth pointing out that the common use (at least in the US) of cell-phone as a generic for mobile phone misses an important technological point. Cellular phones are an implementation technology for mobile communications. The word “cellular” refers to the use of discrete cells based around a base station, and the protocols and mechanisms to implement a universal mobile service based upon that idea. Science fiction did not invent cell phones. It did not even predict the idea. The idea that technology would reach a point where a portable phone would be possible is not exactly something startling or requiring great intellect. But predicting that the right solution to a ubiquitous mobile communications system would, or even could, be achieved with cellular technology is a different matter. Mobile communications, and indeed mobile phones have existed for a long time without cellular technology, and still do. The achievement in engineering in understanding and solving the very serious issues in building a cell based system should not be underestimated.

Well, with Intel codenaming CPUs things like Merom and Dothan, it’s hardly a surprise to the real geeks out there.

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