Did it happen two years or twenty years ago? (need answer fast)

So…I am having a joint b’day party for my son (age 2) and my niece who’s currently living with us (age 20) because their birthdays are on the same day and it seems like a fun idea. One thing I would like to do is sort of have a few themes that join the two celebrants. I was thinking it would be fun to have a trivia game where people decide whether an event occurred two years ago or twenty years ago. I was thinking it could be a “play if you feel like it whenever” game where there could be a big board and people pick an event out of a hat and decide if it occurred 2 years ago or 2 decades ago and stick the event on the correct side of the board. If other people disagree they could move events to the other side. No one would really win, but at some point we could announce the answers.

  1. Can you help me think of or search for events (trivial or non-trivial, but not too too obvious) that could have happened either 2 or 20 years ago?

  2. Do you like this idea?

  3. Do you have any other ideas for 2/20 themes? They can be adult (not like that!) or kid-oriented.

Party is this Saturday. (So, not that fast. But by Friday would be great!)

You can get candles in the shape of numbers. Put them on the cake so it looks like “02” from one side, and “20” from the other. Position the celebrants appropriately before bringing the cake in.

You could play, “Hey, remember that episode of Law & Order where the detective made a wisecrack, then the DA’s case was nearly blown because a crucial piece of evidence was thrown out on a technicality?” That happened two years ago and 20 years ago. That happened a lot of years, in fact.

  • when did a novelty children’s bracelet become a big fad?
    Silly bandz were first sold in 2008. Slap bracelets were also very popular, but they appeared in the late 80s, not 1990.
    Be careful not to ask questions that could be either answer, like “When did the US enter a recession?” (July 1990 & December 2007, so 20 years and a few months, and two years and ten months ago)

Mining these two links should give you plenty of material.

I particularly like the “International Year Of” links. Seriously - 2008 was the International Year of the Potato? Who knew that? Apparently 1990 wasn’t the International Year of anything, though (elsewhere in Wikipedia it is claimed that 1990 was the International Year of Literacy. Bet you didn’t know that either ;))

I think this is a neat-o idea!

Oooh, Windows 3.0 was released in 1990 (which is not really as widely used/remembered as 3.1 which was released in 1992).

Windows 7 wasn’t released until 2009. So you could trip up the guests asking which year did Microsoft release a new version of its Windows Operating System - 1990 or 2008?

The 101st US Congress passed the Oil Pollution Act. 2 years ago, or 20?

1990, in response to the Exxon Valdex spill

I don’t think your 2 year old will be very good at this game.

We had a President named George Bush both 20 years ago and 2 years ago. You should be able to squeeze some questions out of that.

Have them dress like the other. Should make for some memorable pics or video.

I’m not sure that the reverse would get the desired effect you’re looking for.

20 >>>> 0S

02 >>>> S0

Irish rock band U2 wins the annual Brit Award for “Best International Group”.
2 or 20 years ago?

The summer blockbuster based on DC comics character “Batman” wins an Academy award for Best Sound Editing?
2 or 20 years ago?

The summer blockbuster based on DC comics character “Batman” wins an Academy award for Best Art Direction?
2 or 20 years ago?

Alan Hale Jr, Skipper on Gilligan’s Island, dies of cancer at 71.
2 or 20 years ago?

Singer and guitarist Bo Diddley, dies at age 79.
2 or 20 years ago?

Detroit Pistons win the NBA finals.
2 or 20 years ago?

I’m just anal enough to get two ‘2’ candles, cut them in half, and attach the correct faces back-to-back.

Should be easy. If he can’t remember it happening in his lifetime, it’s clearly the 20-year one.

One was a leap year (2008) and the other was not. That might be a good, basic question to throw in.

The Simpsons wasn’t as good as it previously was.

I knew I could count on you guys!! Now I am excited about the game. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find any good ones but those are great. Haha, NoClueBoy - dressing like each other…that is an interesting concept. Aspidistra, thanks for the links! Hey **Hampshire **are you gonna give us the answers or do I have to look 'em up? And I like the candle idea, Robot Arm, if I can make it work! Thanks everybody for all the good ideas.

The Microwave Diet…? 2 years or 20 years ago? Or another similar dieting concept or fad, there are so many dieting fads that were popular twenty years ago, but had a recursive reawakening two years ago. Macrobiotics, Organic, Vegetarian, Atkins, Microwave Diet, Biblical Diet, The Food Pyramid, The Mclean Diet, Sensa… all of these quack, bunk, crapola, dietary snakeoils have been done 20 or more years ago, but were just gussied up, repackaged, and whored about in the past two years.

Very nice ones. I appreciated them. Especially that Gilligan’s Island one. I took a guess but it definitely wasn’t super easy.

A highly sexualized, blonde, Pop Songstress with a gay fanbase gets best director award at the VMA’s. Madonna or Gaga? At least they were honest then. Sinead O’Conner got the most awards based on talent and merit, not post punk, pop hype.

2 years or twenty years ago…Which highly sexualized, blonde, Pop Songstress with a gay fanbase got an award for best video direction at the VMA’s?

make it a multiple choice question…

  1. Madonna
  2. Lady Gaga
  3. Christina Aguielera
  4. Pink
    5 Britney Spears

Name the director/s for extra credit.