Did It SNow In Rio Last Year?

I seem to remember last year it snowed in Rio de Janero and people froze to death. (It might have been San Palo) My friend from Brazil says no way, and I can’t seem to find anything in the news or on the NET. Was i dreaming or did it actually snow there?
Jim Fox

Unlikely in Rio de Janeiro, but quite possible in Sao Paulo. Rio is on the ocean, and hence has a mild climate. Sao Paulo is 45 miles inland and at an elevation of about 3000 feet. Encyclopedia Americana says, “The plateaus of southern Brazil, at around 3,000 feet elevation, are far enough south so that during the winter months of June through August they frequently experience frosts and snow although the snow usually melts within a day.”

Coldest temp. ever in Rio: 46 deg. F

Coldest temp. ever in Sao PAulo: 28 deg. F