Did Jesus have pie?

I was listening to the radio the other day and a lady was talking about making apple pie and doubting Thomas(the guy that doubts Jesus was resurrected and put his hand in his side). It got me hungey for pie and wondering, did Jesus have pie? Were there any at the last supper? If so was it a meal like pot pie or a desert like apple pie or both. Also do apples grow natively in places other than North America?

According to this site apples (Rosaceae Malus) probably originated in the Caucasian mountains, and have been cultivated for about three thousand years. (Mentioned by Homer.)
With that in mind, it is highly likely that Jesus ate apples.

Apples native to North America? Then there wouldn’t have been any need for Johnny Appleseed. The largest fruit native to North America is the pawpaw. As in “Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch.”

Probably not. Pies don’t figure prominently into culinary history until the early dark ages, and these first pies were likely of the savory variety. The word pie traces it’s origins to the magpie, and is likely derived from this bird’s tendency to gather a variety of items to weave into it’s nest. While the bird has a varied natural habitat, the entomology of the word seems distinctly western European, and likely would not have made it’s way east prior to the crusades.

Not “pie” in the sense that we know apple “pie” as the copious amount of sugar would have been hard to come by and would have to replaced by honey or a similar substance which would have given the pie a very different texture. These Ur apples are also likely to have been considerably smaller and more tart than we are used to. Now one can argue that The Son of God could easily call on daddy for any matter of after dinner dessert but this would have been an abuse of his father’s omnipotence.

The other question is, sans modern transportation and environmental controlled shipment technology, whether juicy apples could have the journey from region Kazakhstan now occupies to the area Jesus died.
The Best Known of All Meals The Last Supper of Jesus and His Disciples

Although IANAC(hristian), wasn’t the “Last Supper” a Passover Seder? If so, there would not have been Pie, since it would be awfully hard to make matzoh into a pie crust (and it wouldn’t taste very good, either).

I don’t think that would have been necessary. The apple was cultivated by the Greece in Homeros time, and by the time of the expansion of the Roman Empire, it would probably have been introduced to most of their realm. Pliny the Elder mentions 23 varieties, so they were already into experimental breeding. (cite)

Nothing to add. I just have to say that now I’ll be repeating this thread title all day in my best Cartman voice. It will be hilarious.

  1. Though matzoh doesn’t make good pie crust, it makes for a wonderful cheesecake crust. Try it some time.

  2. Jesus probably never had pie, but Abraham Lincoln definitely liked cake.

Actually there are lots of native species of crabapples, but they are small and sour.

Johnny Appleseed’s raison d’etre was liquor. Hard cider was in demand back then.

Can you imagine everyone being grateful to see him if he weren’t bearing booze?

It is my understanding that Jesus had lost his mittens, and therefore had no pie.

I just want to know how apple pie and doubting Thomas got waven into the same conversation…

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I don’t think Jesus ate pie at the last supper. No cite, no research, just a hunch. A gut feeling.

You’re all going on about fruity pies - but what about savoury pies?

Mmmm… steak and kidney pie.

That’s what I thought too, but then I ran into this:

taken from this page, by Linda Stradley, author of “What’s Cooking America”

There’s some more unsupported evidence for this here, but no hard facts or references:

This is all about savoury pies, by the way. I agree with astro, that sugar must have been difficult to come by.

Jesus probably would have had pizza (or something quite similar); flat breads topped with onions and herbs* have been very popular around the eastern end of the Med for a long time.

*But certainly not tomatoes and probably no cheese.

This thread title sounds like what they asked while splitting up the bill at the Last Supper.

Interesting. I always considered tomatoes to be Mediterranean in origin but apparently they only made the journey from South America (true origin) in the 1500’s via the Spanish Explorers.

The Tomato: A Brief History

> This thread title sounds like what they asked while splitting up the bill at the Last Supper.

Wasn’t it in a Mel Brooks movie?

“Wow, did we all eat on just those two orders of fish? And they didn’t charge us for wine, only for water…
Now, Luke had the matzoh-ball soup, and Mark had the hummus. Did Jesus have pie?”

“No, he had the angelfood cake witht he bitter herbs of suffering”

“Oh, right. Now the total is… Did Judas stiff us on the tip again? That’s the third time this week! Jesus Christ!”