Did Josh Duhamel (Danny), really hurt his foot? (Las Vegas)

Did the actor really hurt is foot causing the writers to write it into the show?

I’ll take that as a ‘no’.

I think you should take it more as “Lobsang, honey, you need to get out more.” :wink:

I do need to get out more. but the question wasn’t mine to begin with. Watching Las Vegas with step-dad (we are fans) he asks the question. I say “I’ll ask on the internet”



I assume so. You might check at Television Without Pity and see if anyone mentioned it. Las Vegas doesn’t, I think, have a forum there, but they have a thread.

When it first showed, my husband and I thought it must have been from a real injury.

It was my understanding that he ruptured his achilles tendon playing basketball in real life.

Yes it was a ruptured Achilles heel. Found this from an article in 2010
According to WENN , Duhamel said: “I was like, ‘Okay dude, I’ll do the underwear but please make my right calf look a little bit bigger’.”

“I ruptured my Achilles [heel] six years ago and it never grew back, so it’s like half the size of the other one.”

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Mrs. Wheelz and I watched Las Vegas in its original run, and during lockdown E! was showing Saturday marathons and we rediscovered it. It was a fun show.

I recall Danny being injured twice: He was shot in the leg and was on crutches for a few episodes while recovering. Then a few seasons later he was in a basketball tournament with Mike and had to back out after hurting his foot. I wonder if he was legitimately injured both of those times?
@Lobsang - if you can remember back 16 years ago (I barely can), which of these did you mean?

He was definitely legitimately injured during the episode where he gets shot in the leg. If you watch the episode, you can see precisely where they transition from running-after-badguy to a very-hastily re-shot “ow, my foot!”

Whoa, I got an email to notify me of my name being mentioned in a reply to a post. This is new. This is my first time seeing the new look SDMB.

Anyway, I have trouble remembering what I begun to do four seconds ago (if I am distracted)… I had completely forgotten about the existence of the show ‘Las Vegas’ until I got that email. I do vaguely remember Danny having a cast on his foot. I’m slightly more inclined to believe it’s the cast on the foot that prompted my question rather than seeing him using crutches.

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Las Vegas was a funny show. Loved the Alec Baldwin episode in season 2. AB rips into a hack artist…“I can paint better pictures with my johnson!” and “All you can do are paintings that hang at the Holiday Inn in Pahrump” in his Glengary Glen Ross voice!

Sylvester Stallone also shows up a few times and displays superb comedic chemistry with James Caan. I never knew he was capable of humor.

He actually hurt it playing basketball. They wrote him being shot in to cover why he was on crutches for the next few episodes and used a cane for a few after that.
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