Did LoTR Spoil You?

I don’t go to the movies that often, but now that I have seen all three of the LoTR movies and the care that went into making them, I am wondering if I will ever see another film without using LoTR as a standard. I’d like to read your comments either way.



I thought LotR had spoiled me. But a few days later I can still enjoy a film.

Now My memory of RotK is not that good. I felt like it was more of the same. I also felt like everything was rushed, as if to get it over with. It was an anti-climax for me, I was expecting it to be more sentimental than the sentimental bits in FotR and TT, more epic than the battles in TT.
I think I need to see it again, there must be good bits that I have forgotten about.

Anyway, back to the OP. I have watched films that have had a more profound effect on me than the LotR trilogy, and I am confident that I will watch more in future. There are still many books I for one would thoroughly enjoy as films.

In a way, they did. Any fantasy film I see now will never top LOTR and I must state for the record that I’m mostly a fantasy fan. I’m one of those horrible people that think the LOTR films beat Star Wars hands down. The actor Lucas got to play the older Anakin was an unconvincing robot, IMO, and I know someone out there will have me marked for death for stating such. Oh well… he was horrible and that’s that.

I’m not saying LOTR was perfect but that’s all part of it’s charm. I know much of the book was kept out and that’s just fine with me. The film isn’t the book and I love all three! Peter did an awesome job, I don’t care about the naysayers! Go naysay somewhere else.
Hmmm, did I hear something outside my window just now?

I said in a recent thread that people should keep their ticket stubs as seeing these films when they first came out is going to rank up there with seeing Gone With The Wind when it first came out.

I think part of the adventure was waiting for Christmas to come to see each film over the three year period. It was an investment in time that paid off in spades. Next Christmas would feel empty, if it weren’t for the fact that you will most likely be able to finally buy the entire, extended version of the the entire trilogy.

It will be interesting to see what happens when that entire set comes out…my guess is there will be an entire new cult of people who lock themselves into rooms and watch the series over and over. There will be some who will memorize the entire dialog.

But to the OP…yes, there will be another big blockbuster hit sometime in the next few years. 2001 A Space Odyessy made people think nothing could surpass it, much like many thought nothing would ever surpass Star Wars, or Indiana Jones. But I think it is safe to say that the LOTR Trilogy will be a classic in our lifetime, and for many generations to come. And just like Rocky Horror, I am sure there will be small movie theaters that will show the entire series on weekends to sold out crowds. New Line and the estate of Peter Jackson will never have to worry about paying rent for at least the next 111 years.

Oh, dear. The Rocky Lord of the Rings Horror Picture Show? Showing LOTR at midnight on weekends? I can see it now:

  • throwing bits of lembas bread at Arwen and Aragorn’s wedding
  • people dressing up as uruk-hai in fishnet stockings
  • audience members participating in the battle scenes
  • dwarf tossing events
  • singing along in Númenorean to the musical numbers
  • free pipeweed

Ugh, must cleanse brain.

Jackson will have to call the cast back to shoot some musical numbers:

Dammit, Arwen, I love you!

Let’s do the Springle-ring again.

I was actually a bit disappointed in the third one. Not on what they did, but on what they left out. There were several threads and loose ends they never tied up IMO, and I’m waiting breathlessly for the directors unabridged cut.

All that having been said, I think the groundbreaking thing about LotR was how they filmed them all together to make sure the cast stays throughout the series. I’ll never look at a series the same again, thats for sure. Certainly the Harry Potter movies would have benifited greatly from using this philosophy.


The care and attention Jackson gave to the details, clothes, language and characters are certainly going to spoil us. So soon we won’t see this mix of grandiouse and caring.

Otherwise I will be happy to see a greater number of fantasy films… LOTR showed the hollywood block heads that fantasy can be done for adults. No silly morality and stories. People like a good story too.

Just saw Conan the Barbarian yesterday... and eventhough many things in the movie are pretty bad, weak and some plain trash... the sets and locations are great. The armor and weapons. The visual aspect is 100%... the soundtrack is amazing... thats 2 senses getting full satisfaction !  LOTR is hopefully taking fantasy into another level.

So that’s why I smell funny! I saw LotR and I’ve spoiled!!!

I remember a doper anecdote about a man soiling his daiper at the scene where Bilbo gets all mad-scary-faced for a split second.