Did Mace Windu Die?

My take on it - he likely fell thru the roof of a cab and was taken off to the priests to be healed.

There’s footage of the impact, actually. Just a large thud and a pissed off janitor.

The EU already did it. See the Dark Empire comic series.

What is it with Lucas & lopping off peoples’ hands, just prior to chucking them down a pit, anyway.:dubious:

It’s getting repetative.

I’m actually producing a non profit graphic novel about ‘What if’ Mace survived episode 3. You can check out our facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/StarWarsTheSearchForWindu

It’s basically a big taser. Only deadly to those with pre-existing conditions.

Well, Darth Maul is apparently still alive despite being cut in half and tossed down one of the ubiquitous infinite pits of doom that are a staple of Star Wars architecture. Apparently Star Wars characters can survive just about anything,

But IIRC, Jackson made his character dying a precondition for his being in the movies. That probably ensures his staying dead more then if the movie had shown him being chopped in a hundred pieces and then set on fire.

Correction: he agreed to be in the movies on the condition that his character “doesn’t die like some punk”. Presumably he knew that, as a Jedi (and a supporting one at that), his character was going to die eventually since that’s the premise of Ep. IV - but he didn’t want it to happen in a mass battle, during a montage of Vader hunting Jedis, that sort of thing.
Consequently he got a big dramatic send-off, fighting the Emperor himself. Like a bad incestuous son, I believe is the vernacular.

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The Force kept him alive in zombie form.

I believe thats called the Star Wars live action series.

And he fell like, through a dozen awnings to slow his fall and landed in a passing garbage truck. He’s FINE.

I think that’s a precondition for Samuel L Jackson being in most of the movies he’s in.

How are you defining “slow down”? They could appear to Luke; they could talk to Luke. And … that was it. They couldn’t interact with the physical world.

Ananikan pulled it off when he jumped out into traffic and fell just right to land on a passing flying car. I like to believe Windu did the same and then thought, “Holy Fuck! Oh man, that was so bad-ass! I don’t think I could ever top that so I’m just going to retire and leave my career on a high with that bad-ass move.”

There used to be a website called “The Hacked Off Limbs of Star Wars”. I don’t know if it’s still around, but it was pretty funny.


or something.

Like a bad donkey incestuous son.

Didn’t I read somewhere that there was some odd gravitational field in Star Wars that keeps people from dying when they hit the ground?

Okay, I know I read it somewhere, but was it anything to do with the movies? I haven’t watched a whole one yet–mostly because it’s fun to be the only person I know who hasn’t–despite having tons of merch as a kid.