Did Mace Windu Die?

Did Mace Windu in Star Wars Episode III actually die or is it somewhat ambiguous?

Wikipedia says yes:

Well he fell a really really long way, while screaming. If that doesn’t do it, then The Emperor is still alive.

Assuming the Death Star explosion didn’t kill him.

You know, let’s not give Lucas any ideas.

They aren’t officially dead until you see them crap themselves.


I don’t know what you saw but getting his hands cut off and thrown out of a skyscraper window while being shot by lightning bolts pretty much says to me “dead guy”. Jedi or not.

I fully expect to see him appear in Star Wars: Episode VII: “I’m Back, and I’m Pissed, Motherfuckers!”, as soon as Lucas either needs to buy another yacht, or get that neck-reduction surgery he’s needed for so long.

He’s dead, all right, but since he’s such a bad motherfucker, he’s only partially dead. Doesn’t do him much good though, because any extent of death is beyond the programming of the medical droids.

Luke had his hand cut off and tossed into that big bottomless Bespin reactor pit and managed to pull through. And he took a pretty big lightning beating later on.

Force lightning seems like it actually kind of sucks. I think the only reason Vadar died was his suit got all shorted out.

The weight of his ego hasn’t compressed it?

Sounds like he’d need a miracle to… wait, is that a bell I hear ringing?

Deja vu all over again.

Not that being dead is all that much of a drawback for a Jedi. I remember Quai-Gon (or WTF his name was) and Yoda and Obi-Wan didn’t let it slow them down much…TRM

“I’m tired of all these M-F-in’ Siths on this M-F-in’ spaceship!!”

Yeah but it didn’t happen all at the same time though. Besides, Luke had the powers of bitch&whine to protect him.

I hear that dead Twilek Jedi does weather on Channel 27.

Reduction? If his neck going to get any more reducted it’s going to be fucking mounted on his sternum.

The Emperor, as far as he knew, had a single paralyzed enemy and no worries about being interrupted. As a Dark Side user, it’s in character for him to pick entertainment over efficiency in that situation. Then when Vader turns he switches from “slow grill” to “burn” to try to fight off his attacker, but the combined effects of him being a fellow Dark Side user and a cyborg killing machine make it less effective.

It’s too thick, not too long.

But his exceptionally big head needs all the support it can get :stuck_out_tongue:

Scenes that will be added in future DVD releases of Star Wars

*Anakin and Padme kissing at the end of ROTJ
*Darth Vader’s face at his unmasking being changed to the face of the burnt Hayden Christensen
*Mace Windu being a dancer at Jabbas Palace

Don’t you even fucking joke about that shit. 'Cause it could so happen.

Dude, he was like 300 stories about the earth. Definitely he’s dead.