Did Mary Tyler Moore make TV's weirdest show?

I recently lucked into finding footage from “Mary’s Incredible Dream”, a ambitious variety special Mary Tyler Moore performed in 1976. Here it is, albeit in mediocre quality.
This special is bizarre in so many ways. It’s dozens of virtually unrelated musical numbers set everywhere from medieval times to postapocalyptic wastelands, with music ranging from classical to disco. Often the scenes seem to be part from one era and part from another time in history. They change scenes on the dime and are incredibly over the top even for 70s variety specials. About the only dialogue is a disembodied voice reciting Bible scripture, and these creepy bits have nothing to do with the numbers they follow or precede.
If you don’t have the time to view the whole thing, check out part three about 10:15 in. It has the Manhattan Transfer singing “Sh-Boom” over footage of mushroom clouds, facist marches, and Kissenger’s shuttle diplomacy:confused:. After that, even seeing Ben Vereen playing Satan while dressed in a sequined leprechan outfit makes sense.
Anyone remember this special? And what shows have you seen that are as or even more bizarre than this oddity?

Oh yes, I remember. You didn’t mention one of the guys from Manhattan Transfer as the AntiChrist singing “Sympathy for the Devil” & going down in flames. Then a Paradisial garden world to the song “Morning Has Broken”.
God help me- I liked it at the time. I’m sure (maybe) he had nothing to do with it, but it had all the subtlety of a Father Ellwood “Bud” Kieser production.

My hearty congratulations to anyone who has the insight to get that. But don’t cheat by looking it up.