Did McCain choose Palin, or did the party choose her for him?

How does it work? How did it work? - Do we know?

You’ll have to ask John that one. Remember, there are lots of people out there who honestly think that it was a fine choice and don’t understand what the uproar is all about. Yes, really.

For many of us it appears like a bonehead move to “steal” the women’s vote away from Obama… that seems to have backfired.

I think there’s a real possibility that McCain, and those around him, thought the gamble was worth it and that he didn’t have a lot to lose. Time will surely tell…

“They say” several of his “first choice” candidates were vetoed but the party for being “too liberal”, so to show them (and the world at large) his maverikyness he choose a realative unknow (in addition there was pressure to appoint a woman to try and pick up disaffected Clinton voters).

I’m sure we will know all the messy details when all the recriminations start following a (touch wood) Republican loss.

Check out The Making (and Remaking) of McCain from The New York Times Magazine, starting on page 5.

I understand the question you’re asking, and certainly there’s a story as to exactly who picked Palin and why. But at the end of the day. it’s sorta irrelevant. He’s the nominee. If he was bullied or bamboozled into ignoring his best instincts and making a bad choice, then he will be bullied or bamboozled by the same people were he to become president into making other bad choices. And if he did it on his own in some sense, then as president he’ll do just as poorly in his decision-making there.


Yep. Pretty much this.

Reading a number of endorsements I have noticed the more conservative leaning papers/people (The Economist and Powell leap to mind but there are many others) tended to be tipped over the edge by his choosing Palin. They would have good things to say and bad things to say about McCain as well as Obama but Palin just flat out clinched it for many as a spectacularly bad choice. The Economist endorsement I got a distinct impression they wanted to go for McCain. Thinking about what their discussion must have been like I came around to the notion that it went along the lines Cliffy said.

I had heard McCain was pushed in to it…that Palin somehow had some boosters for her in the McCain camp. Just heard it though from people who said they read something so obviously not reliable for our purposes here. That said supposedly McCain had barely ever met the woman…one would think if he chose her on what…30 minutes of talking?..someone in his camp was pushing for her.

From Exapno Mapcase’s link, plus several other “inside” accounts, McCain really wanted to choose Lieberman or Tom Ridge. But, many party insiders warned him that it would cause tension at the convention, and could lose him the base. McCain took this into account, and as the party nominee the final choice was his, and his alone. He decided on Palin.

Thanks all. The question was factual, I have no idea how this works (living in Scandinavia, but following this election closely). Thanks for the link, Exapno.

I am really not adding much to the various views above, but putting together several sources, it seems that his first choice was a mderate like Lieberman or Ridge, the “party” wanted Romney (whom he couldn’t abide) and he finally said to himself, they want a true conservative, I’ll give them a true conservative. Of course, this puts in question his whole ability to make good decisions.

Let me add that a constant criticism of Obama is that he has never managed anything more than a community organization. Well now he has; he has administered a 2-year election campaign–brilliantly. McCain has also never managed anything either (except for a small senate staff), although this is rarely mentioned. Well now has managed an election campaign–incompetently.