Did MJ figure it out? (Spiderman Spoilers)

I know this was last years big comic book movie. But I just re-watched it on HBO tonight. I caught something at the end that I didn’t get in the theaters. I’m wondering if it was something subtle that I missed, or if I’m reading too much into it.

At the end Peter is looking at Ben Parker’s grave and realizes anybody he loves will be in danger. So when MJ comes over and professes love to him, he realizes he can’t be with her because she will always be in danger if he does.

Anyway, they kiss and he says he will always be a friend. And he starts to walk away, and MJ starts crying. This is what I missed in the theaters, I remembered the last shot of MJ being just distraught and watching Peter walk away. But tonight, what I caught, she stops crying and gets a wierd look on her face. Kind of touches her mouth and then looks after Peter as he walks away.

Now she kissed Spiderman in the rain earlier in the movie. Are we to think that she realized at that moment Peter’s secret? Or is she just distraught like I had thought until tonight and I’mr eading too much into 10 seconds of screentime?

It’ll be interesting to see how they play it in the 2nd movie, because looking at it tonight, the more I think about it, I’m pretty dang sure she figured it out.

I’m pretty sure that in the comic books they eventually get married, so I think it’s a safe bet that she figured it out.

I gather she recognised the kiss, or to put it less romantically, knew the taste of the spit.

I’m pretty sure she figured it out. When I saw the movie the first time, I imagined her thinking, “Hey! That guy kisses right-side-up the same way that other guy kisses upside-down!”

I’m not sure she figures it out so much as now has a vague idea. It won’t be a break in continuity if, come next movie, we find that she’s dismissed the possibility and is again clueless.

Nah, I read it as:

“Oh I get it now…he’s gay!”


I thought it was pretty obvious that she had figured it out from the kiss.

I think she did too, but they left it kind of ambiguous because it probably wasn’t certain then if a sequel would be done or not.

I though tit had to do with the similarity between Spidey saying something along the lines of “I’ll always be a ‘friend’.” and then Parker saying “I’ll always be your ‘friend’.”

Then lines weren’t the same, but they were similar. Don’t remember the movie well enough to pin it down more concretely.

I’m pretty sure they knew they’d have a sequel.

And I think she figured it out.

i watched it on hbo last night too…and while i saw it in the theaters i never thought about that until i watched it again last night, when i started thinking, ‘well sheesh, wouldn’t she recognize the kiss?’ so i think she did, although i did not catch that shot you mentioned, i’ll look out for it i guess. i think she figured it out.

I guess a whole bunch of us watched on HBO last night, even when we have it on DVD.

I’ll have to double check, but when Spidey is hanging by the steel cable holding both MJ and the cable car, he calls her “MJ” and tells her to climb down the cable. I don’t know if Spidey every calls her by her name any other time, or if Peter Parker ever calls her anything other than “MJ”. Also I’ll have to double check if any other character call’s her MJ. I think everyone else calls her Mary Jane.

I get a sense that an earlier draft had MJ figuring it out, but was rewritten to be ambiguous

I think he did call her MJ before, wasn’t he screaming MJ when she was the balcony? or was it just my imagination?

I think he actually screams “Mary Jane”, though it could’ve been “MJ”. Either way, he was too far away when he yelled it for her to hear. You’re talking about the Times Square scene, right?
I think the part towards the end, when they’re hanging from the cable, is the only time he calls her MJ. I’ll have to watch it again soon, it’s been awhile. At any rate, considering that she had been near death and wasn’t out of the woods yet when he called her that, she may have not even noticed, or didn’t think anything of it.

Yea, thats the part I’m talking about.

I can’t remember the exact thing spider-man said after the upside down kiss, didn’t he say something along the lines of " I’ll protect you" or close to that. Peter Parker says something like that after the kiss, or is my mind making stuff up again?

I don’t recall him saying anything after the kiss. There was a line Spidey had right before the kiss, after he beats up the guys who were attacking MJ- “I was in the neighborhood.” Peter had said that exact thing to her minutes before when he ran into her after her audition.

And I remember watching that scene and thinking, “Why doesn’t she recognize the voice? She just talked to the guy a minute earlier and heard the exact same line!”

Oh well, if no one recognizes Clark Kent without glasses on, I guess they can’t recognize Peter Parker’s voice when he wears a mask. :smiley:

oh yea thats right, he just zip-lined after the kiss, right?

Yeah, she puts his mask back after the kiss and boom, he was gone.

And, I think she did notice the whole “in the neighborhood” thing. She gets a brief look on her face after Spidey says it, kind of a “hey, wait a minute” look, but then shrugs it off. That kind of thing makes it look like MJ did figure it out at the end, because it’s one of those odd coincidences(from her point of view) that makes one look back and go “oh, now that makes sense”.
I could be overanalyzing just a tad, too. :slight_smile:

He says some of the same things in both personas to her, he kisses the same way, and he has the same distinct Toby Maguire voice. The only other person who’s voice I’d mistake for his would be Michael J. Fox. So unless she’s really dumb, or thinks Michael J. Fox is stalking her in a spidey costume, I’m pretty sure she’s figuring it out.