Did North and South Korea march as one at the olympics again?

I remember in Sydney they marched together.

Did they do it again?

Yes they did.

They walked under the same flag and the athletes were introduced as being from Korea.

Yup, the subject comes up in this thread somewhere around post 15.

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Actually I think they were introduced as “Koreas” instead of “Korea”. At least that’s how NBC listed them.

…and presumably Fox introduced them as the “Axes of Evil” :smiley:

Question: I know there is a movement in both Koreas to unite as one but just how strong is it in South Korea? I’ve read some articles and seen some programs that would seem to indicate it’s pretty popular but I have no idea as to how reputable they were.

If it is indeed a popular movement, why? I can understand them wanting to reunite to a point but it seems pretty obvious that if they did, it would be under Kim Jong Il’s totalitarian rule as I don’t see him abdicating.

I have been to South Korea recently and while I can tell you that most of the people I talk to hoped for reunification, it certainly wouldn’t be under Kim Jong Il. They are hoping for a unified but democratic Korea, just like South Korea today.

They see similarities with what happened with Germany. East Germany collapsed under communist rule and was absorbed by the much wealthier West Germany. North Korea would presumably collapse at some point and would be absorbed by the much wealthier South Korea. The only reason it hasn’t collapsed yet is because the populace is kept under tight control and is totally in the dark to what is going on in the real world.

BTW, I would bet most North Korean’s are secretly hoping for that too…

Just wanted to add the nice visual.