Did Obama kill his grandma yesterday for a sympathy vote?

Don’t forget, he kept saying “We must continue doing anything we can in these last few days” etc. Anything we can, whatever it takes–it all adds up to “I killed grandma to get some sympathy votes.”

Don’t forget–Hillary killed Vince Foster.

Also don’t forget–Barack’s grandma was white! A harbinger of what Obama would do to ALL of white America!

Also, it’s exactly what a hard-core Communist WOULD do!

First thing me and the missus said when we heard :wink:



It will unfortunately get him some sympathy votes at least. Have you seen the photo of him with tears running down his face? Not to be snarky, but that photo will be in many minds when they vote today.

Holy crap! You can’t make up shit too tasteless for the wingnuts!

Here, I thought I was being over-the-top insane. And maybe not very funny because of how tasteless this thread was.

And unfair to the Obama-haters.

Guess there’s no such thing.

I’ll let you in on a secret – Obama’s grandmother did not exist until a certain Time Paradox created her.

On 10/23/08, Barack Obama’s Hawaii-bound airplane actually crashed and burned in the Mauna Loa volcano. As a result, the Earth was plunged into a 7-years-long Tribulation from which several heroes emerged – Buck Rogers, Luke Skywalker, Ender Wiggin, and my pet ghost named Nathaniel Thorne. All of us (except Nathaniel) experienced the Tribulation, until it was “reset” by opening a wormhole in 2015 and travelling back in time to 10/22/08 (where they met me, KGS, who was trapped in a parallel Time Zone and therefore didn’t experience the Tribulation either) where I led them to defeat the dragon atop the mountain, saved the future president’s plane, as well as the fate of nations. (You might have seen a glimse of the mushroom cloud swallowing Hawaii whole, if you looked in the right direction.) The Time Paradox also gave Barack a new grandmother, albeit one dying of cancer, sadly.

In other words, everyone on Earth (except myself and Nathaniel) experienced the Seven Years Tribulation from 2008-2015, but you don’t remember, because we traveled back in Time to save the President-elect and all your stupid consumerist asses as well. You can all thank me now. :cool:

I’ll have what s/he’s having.

Silly nutjobs. Black men don’t kill white wimmens. Black men rape white wimmens.

Except OJ. He totally killed her.

An accident. He was trying to cut off the Jewish guy’s dick, and her head was in the way. Could happen to anybody.

(Already going to Hell, what difference can it make?..)

Well, if you’re trying for the seventh circle…bulls-eye!!

I thought I did the insane posts. Really, I think it’s in the user agreement somewhere, so people know whose threads to skip. :smiley:

I’ll agree with that.

It was me. In the library, with a candlestick.

Well, three cheers for him if he did; that’s exactly the Lex Luthor-level of ruthlessness I want in a leader.

Luthor would have arranged things so that all suspicion fell on Palin, and the process of proving her innocence would lead one to McCain.

Now that’s funny!

C’mon prr, you really must try harder.

So, Lex Luthor has been writing 24 the past several years, then, eh?

I’m not sure. Part of me thinks he’d never be so indiscreet as to give away hismethods. Another part of me thinks he would enjoy leaving the truth in plain sight. I’m of the opinion he knows perfectly well that Clark is Kal, but pretends not to know because (a) he’s waiting for the perfect moment to reveal his knowledge, and (b) once he kills Superman, there’s no one left worthy of his attention.

There sure are a lot of postings removed by moderators there. Must be Obama’s tyrannical influence with the media!

I heard he got the idea from Cheney