Did Pelosi just un-invite Trump from the State of the Union?

I just think the optics of slavering over the convicted felon demographic to be interesting. Now compared to what people say about Trump, Republicans, etc in this forum or even in this very thread that would have lead to tut-tutting if directed at a different politician what I said is unremarkable. The fact that it isn’t unremarkable is remarkable.

Now do I have a problem with released felons? People who include in their ranks rapists, murderers, arsonists, frauds, etc? :dubious::dubious::dubious::dubious::dubious::dubious::dubious: what type of question is that? Regardless, of how I feel about them or their crimes if they are released from prison alive then they need to be reintegrated into society. IMO, restoration of voting rights can at least be considered.

You shifted even farther left?

You still don’t get it, octopus. Democrats don’t want felons to vote because it will give us more power. To a rational person, power is not itself a goal, but a means to an end. In this case, the actual end is that we support democracy, and want people to be voting. The reason why we want to win elections is so that we can do things like that. And if the other party won elections but did thing that we liked, like supporting democracy, we’d be happy with that even though we were losing the elections.

Your own fucking principles say “this is the right thing to do”. Why do you care about the optics?

It makes even less sense. If Republicans also adopted this position because it’s the right thing to do, and pushed for felon voting rights even harder than Democrats, then *they’d *reap the rewards. Why not stand up for your principles AND get votes? It’s not like felons are inherently going to vote D.

Well, what you don’t get is your whole argument fails because of your assumption of rationality. Trump is president. Is that the product of Vulcan logic?

EDIT: never mind, not worth it.

‘Slavering’? If you’re going to use words like that, I think an example that fits that description is called for.

And what BPC said about the optics. Screw optics.

I can’t even parse that monstrosity of a sentence. Try again, or not.

We’re talking specifically about Florida. So the good news is that you’re safe from the threat of a released murderer or rapist wielding a ballot; the referendum specifically excluded them from eligibility to have their franchise restored.

Not sure about arsonists or frauds, but given that you Republicans put a fraud in the White House, it shouldn’t bother you too much if frauds will now be able to vote in Florida.

But people whose felony (WTF, Florida?!) consisted of driving with a suspended license will now be able to vote again. You should be glad of this, and you should think it’s quite reasonable that Dem candidates seek their votes.

Yeah… when this board is infested with people who can’t wait for old white males to die and think that conservatives should be stripped of the right to vote and put in re-education camps and no one bats an eye or feigns outrage or wants to tone police forgive me if I don’t share your so-called concern.

Well there you go. Checkmate, libtards.

WHAT? Do you really believe that?

I’ll admit there are one or two Chicken Littles that have said something akin to “conservatives should be stripped of the right to vote and put in re-education camps”, but I bet they took their meds the next day and rethought that.

One or two is a long ways from “this board is infested with”. In fact, I bet it was just one, and he’s feeling better now.

But I think to avoid living with a really horrible strawman fallacy, you should count them. We’ll wait, it won’t take long…

You just have a similar hunch as a lot of people, it’s not about naivete. But other than the fact that felons are going to probably be disproportionately Black, there’s no reason to assume it is going to be a Dem voting bloc. A lot of felons are uneducated Whites, who are more Republican.

I’m curious: Was there a post I missed where this person said something along the lines of “I took my meds and rethought that, I was really wrong about that”?

Cites? Gonna take a bunch to even begin to reach “infested” levels.


Cite? Other than asahi, I mean.

Well that’s just plain ol’ wrong: asahi has taken and will likely continue to take a lot of grief for his, um, strident tone and content.

Okay, but just this once.

First obviously accurate thing in your entire post.

The shift actually was the other way and a good number of conservatives do not realize it.

I still think that the best evidence that showed when the right wing media showed character was when virtually all important newspapers that where conservative said to their readers that Trump was going to be a disaster or recommended to not vote for him. (Some even advised that Hillary was the better choice, this time only)

What I conclude now is that many smart media guys knew or had heard bits of information of even worse criminal behavior of Trump, and the only non liable way they had to inform others were editorial opinions that rejected a guy who they knew was going to eventually become a liability.

What took place was a big warning that many did not take and now the consequences are being seen, a growing discredit of the religious right by cuddling continuously to the embodiment of the 7 deadly sins, a growing realization that the Republicans in congress are just doing the 3 monkey act, a growing realization that many conservatives use government to undermine scientifically educated policies.

Leading to a growing disapproval of the president and most likely now, a fall of the Republican party like the one seen when they thought that prohibition was a great idea.

This message board is also infested with posters who would feel proud if Donald Trump groped their underage daughters, and then would gleefully vote for him again. Forgive me if I think they have lost their marbles.

So, you’re saying that the fact that Republicans voted for Trump is proof that Democrats are irrational? I must confess, I’m not really following you, here.

Infested? Last I checked, there was ONE. Which is far lower than the number of “conservative”/libertarian schmucks that defend torture and human rights violations like children in cages.

Hey, that’s not fair. Trump’s Koncentration Kamps for Kids is basically like summer camp, with the cages and the sexual assault and the occasional death from neglect. Nasty liberals acting like ripping people’s kids from their arms and abusing them is suddenly a bad thing now.

What? No, I’m saying that you thinking that politics is merely making rational and analytical arguments using pure reason is fallacious. Politics is x part reason and y part emotional and z part irrational. So being concerned about principle is good up to a point but there are other variables to consider.