Did Pelosi just un-invite Trump from the State of the Union?

Presumably the people posting in this thread.

I’d still be interested in hearing your thoughts on Pelosi’s actions:

I think Trump has behaved in a sophomoric (that is a mild word for it) manner his entire term, especially with his current temper tantrum holding the government hostage. I think Pelosi wants the government to reopen and when your “negotiating” partner is behaving like a spoiled 3 year old, there is little choice but employ the same tactics one would when dealing with an actual spoiled 3 year old. No dessert tonight, or no TV time today, or in this case no SOTU speech until we have an actual functioning government. I think that is not only reasonable but pretty much the only way to deal with this kind of behavior from Trump.

So who’s opinion in this thread do you think this will effect? Anyone?

And relax I was typing it up and just replied. I can see you’re all tingly thinking you’re setting me up for something, but you are once again going to be disappointed.

“I have confidence in my team” does not necessarily cancel “Their bosses made a declaration that the SOTU is a heightened security risk” as an explanation, but it’s a nice try to paint it as that. Not working, but a valiant effort.

As I said above, what Pelosi is doing is but a breadcrumb in Trump’s shit-filled pigsty of daily, petty childishness.

Over and over again Graham can turn a blind eye to Trump’s incessant infantile behavior, and now he’s getting the vapors over this? Really? And you’re so desperate that’ll you’ll buy into it too? Just give it up already.

Another vote for brilliant.

Using the Washington Moonie Times is already grounds to dismiss the “point”.

Still the underlying reason why he was not invited is clear to many:

Don’t forget, the GOP is that party that supports “Grab them by the pussy” but gets in a dither about the word “motherfucker”, even though… thinking about it… fucking moms generally involve pussies as well, so I’m now just confused.

I assume you’re referring to the Executive Branch. There is no such person. (See post #303.) Sorry to keep bursting your bubble.

That assertion would be easier to accept if it were accompanied by your own honest opinion about what she should have done instead.

There’s a shocker. Politicians doing things for political reasons with a fig leaf for cover.

The real surprise here is you thought Pelosi and Trump were both serious about their reasons.

Holding the budget of the Chess Club in abeyance until it met your demand to hold a Round Robin rather than a Swiss System tournament would be sophomoric.

Doing something similar with the entire U.S. government because you lacked the guts to stand up to Ann freakin’ Coulter, OTOH, isn’t sophomoric, it’s sociopathic.

Have you ever had more than one reason for taking a position on an issue?

The craven, shameless hypocrisy, however, is no real surprise. EVERYTHING that Trump does is solely motivated by his personal political and financial gain. He doesn’t give a shit about actually running the country. EVERYONE in his administration exploits this for political gain. He has been debasing the presidency constantly for the past two years, acting like a four-year-old, solely serving his own personal gain, and all through this, they say, “Oh, that’s just Trump. Don’t mind him.” All the while, they’re raiding the til. The parents won’t discipline their own child, so Pelosi comes along and gives him the political slap in the butt that he deserves, and opportunistic political hacks like Graham are trying to frame it as “sophomoric”? That’s rich.

She really doesn’t need to give a reason. Someone just needs to discipline this spoiled brat.

ALL Congressional travel shut down by OMB. How vindictive can this asshole get? I didn’t notice any restrictions on the Executive branch when it comes to travel.

Melanie flew to Palm Beach last night, I heard.

Can we close the McDonald’s closest to the White House?

Melania Trump Took Government Jet to Florida After Donald Trump Postponed Nancy Pelosi’s Afghanistan Trip: Report

I doubt it changed anyone’s mind.

It wasn’t a set-up, and I wasn’t the least bit agitated. I just wanted to hear your thoughts.

Exactly right.

Ok well you got them. You seemed pretty eager for me to respond so I was wondering why my thoughts were so important.