Did Prince Charles try to become GG of Australia?

Is it true that the Prince of Wales wanted to become Governor-General of Australia? Was it something that was suggested by Australian politicians, or Charles himself? When was this considered? Australia hasn’t had a British GG since the '60s and a royal one since WWII. Did the Australian PM ever seriously consider it?

I think the idea may have been half-heartedly floated in the 1970s, based on the Prince of Wales’ supposed “special connection” with Australia (he went to school in Victoria for 6 months or something in the 1960s). I don’t know whether the idea originated in Australia or in the UK. Whatever, it didn’t get very far. I doubt that Australians would accept the concept of a non-Australian Governor-General any more, and I’m sure that Buckingham Palace has enough sense to realise this.

My recollection is that the idea was (in essence) followed by those long awkward silences that occur when someone suggests something really really stupid but no one wants to say so outright because there’s no unembarrassing way to say “Hell, no”.

He wen’t to my alma mater for a year in year 9.

Yeah, no way there would be a conflict of interest then if he became King. Of course he’d resign as GG right away, but there shouldn’t be any situation where a GG is in line for the throne, because that would cause troubles for that country.