Did Romney release full tax returns for two years or a scaled down synopsis?

I am trying to find a link to his actual tax forms.


I have no idea, but you can request a “Tax Account Transcript,” which contains “most” of the items. Might help you in your search?

He shouldn’t have to release the long one as Obama STILL hasn’t released his “real” birth certificate! :smiley:

Thanks, but I want the schedules for capital gains and charitable contributions. I am satisfied with his 1040 form.

And what do you hope to find? That he is an evil capitalist devilspawn who has secretly made trillions from enslaving small children and that he has a hidden stash of gold bullion on the moon?

Or should I say, what do you hope to find that the IRS hasn’t already found? His returns would have been automatically audited. He has a highly competent staff, and no doubt, employs a major accounting firm to do his taxes. Why would there be any irregularities?

Maybe we can get away from this crap about Romney having gotten his money in some kind of illegitimate or shady fashion and move on to examining his fitness for the Presidency. Obama’s recent attacks on Romney have deeply disappointed me in this regard; they’re a pointless distraction.

Except Romney’s tax returns may show things that are legal but may not reach the high standard that many people expect a US President to represent. For example, his IRA, using off-shore accounts to minimize taxes, etc

You are confusing tax avoidance with tax evasion. The former is perfectly legal and, in fact, sound business practice; the latter is neither. Though “offshore accounts” conjures up images of shady dealings, drug lords, James Bond villains, etc., there’s nothing illegal about them. And Romney would have had to pay the same taxes on his earnings whether they were from foreign or domestic sources.

I’m sure than Romney manipulated his finances so that his tax liability was minimized. So would I. So would you. So does Obama, in fact.

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greenslime1951, political commentary of this kind is out of place in General Questions. Let’s stick to the specific questions in the OP, and not impute motives that aren’t expressed there. If you want to discuss anyone’s fitness for the presidency, start a new thread in Great Debates. No warning issued, but let’s stay closer to the basic question.

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Well, I get what you’re saying, but to even ask the question is political commentary, in that it implies that Romney might be concealing something–which echoes what Obama has been hinting for a couple of days. So this thread is in the wrong place anyway.

Er… did you even read his post? He didn’t confuse anything, he specifically said things that are legal but not moral (or at the very least – things that ultimately damage the country’s economy for personal gain, intentional or not). Whether or not Obama or grandma (or even Romney) does it is immaterial to this GQ thread. I just want to point out that he’s, for the most part, agreeing with you that likely anything they’ll find is perfectly legal.

I am not implying Romney evaded taxes.

I simply want to know how much he donated to certain charities and not others and how much he earned from offshore accounts vs US based accounts.

So the question remains - did Romney release those schedules?

Here is the link to Romney’s tax returns. They can be downloaded as PDF files. The 2011 return is an estimate as it has not been filed yet (it is on extension). http://www.mittromney.com/learn/mitt/tax-return/main

The 2010 individual form 1040 includes the schedules you are asking about and it and the other returns he filed for 2010 include all forms that were filed to the IRS.


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