Did that Fanta chick just pour soda on that dudes lap?

So I’m whatching the Fanta commercial. They’re at the beach singing that annoying song when all the sudden I could have sworn I saw one of those girls pour soda on a guys crotch.

Wanta Fanta?
Yes, but to drink please, not to wear.

I don’t know. Buy Fanta and hot chicks will pour it over your little sailor before going down on the ship. Works for me.


You’ve got to see the ad on HBO to see WHY she poured it there.

Spill, please.

I can find a crapload of Fanta commercials on the web, just not that one. A little help?

I preseme, given some of the answers already given, that she decides to enjoy the drink *after * pouring it on the guy.

Is it just me, or did they change the Fanta girls? I seem to recall, at the very least, a different brunette. The old one seemed hotter.

It starts off with the Fanta girls parachuting out of the sky onto a crowded beach.

I had not been aware of these people until I saw the MADtv parody.

I’ve never seen it, and I don’t watch ads on HBO, can someone please explain? kthx.

The old one was killed in a spot for another soft drink. She was dancing atop a taxicab with a guy, and he threw her into the air. I can’t say any more, as the litigation is still going on. A very messy business, indeed.

HBO has ads? Do they just show them between programs?

See, I know you’re making a joke about a Diet Pepsi ad with (ick) Jimmy Fallon, but the old purple Fanta was about a million times hotter than that nasty chick in the Diet Pepsi commercial.