Did the Beatles fund the CAT scanner?

My friend (a Beatles fan) just told me the following story:

The original CAT scan (a medical diagnostic tool) was called an EMI SCANNER, this is because the research was funded by the EMI record label .
And EMI was not just feeling generous, it was paid for by THE BEATLES , seems they were making so much $$$ they didn’t know what to do with it all.
I read this when I was MUCH younger, but as I recall The Beatles were looking to do some good with this money and EMI ( who had electronic interests also ) had this MAD scientist walk in one day with this crazy idea, and The Beatles chose his research specifically.

Is this true? It sounds kinda urban mythy to me but let me know if anyone has heard this before.

wow, how quickly whisper down the lane works its wonders! the beatles story has a nugget of truth.

The CAT scan was originally called the MONKEE scan, invented by dapper british chap Davy Jones. Who then went on to found Wings. Or something.


p.s.- EMI Labs invented the cat scan. It was an offshoot of the original company Electrical and Musical Industries. The beatles were under contract with EMI’s music label. That’s the connection. But no, the Fab Four neither funder nor invented nor had any contact the the CAT scan.

No, EMI didn’t invent the CAT scan, it was invented by Allan MacLeod Cormack of South Africa and Sir Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield of the UK. They shared the Nobel Prize for this invention. The groundwork for the CAT scan goes back to about 1957.

watch your back, Chas, cuz I’m keeping my eye on you.


Oh, well.

And, as far as I can tell, they hardly ever use it to scan cats, either.


If the fool on the hill can see the sun going down and the world spinning round, why can’t he see the pancreas?

Marcus, you lied to me!!!:frowning:

Actually, Hounsfield was working for EMI when he invented the CAT scanner.

No, no, I believe they use a cat to scan you! I understand that tabbies work best.

Sorry, old cheesy joke!

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