Did the Brady Bunch house living room have a conversation pit or not?

This is a conversation pit. I do not recall, did the Brady Bunch house layout ever have a variation on this or not?

Those are some nice pits but I don’t think the Brady’s had anything like that. They did have a sunken living room, if I remember correctly. You had to go down a few steps to enter the living room. If you lived on The Grand Concourse in Tremont in The Bronx if you were lucky you tenement apartment could have a sunken living room and parquet floors.

three steps down. Thats sunk pretty deep. Always thought they had a pretty house.

here its only one step down. the set seemed to change over time.

They did not. (Same scene aceplace linked to, but a different angle and on a rehearsal day)

Check this real house out. It’s the Bradiest thing I’ve ever seen!

#16 in that link is rather odd. Does the platform with the bed raise and lower? Nice piece of engineering, cantilevered out like that.

I don’t think it changed over time, those are just different angles. It’s three steps up to the base of the staircase (and the door to Mike’s den), but only one step up to the front door.

Hmmm, it seems that many have not had the pleasure of a sunken living room. An example of a Bronx apartment sunken living room.

I’m way too distracted by how pretty and opulent all those pictures linked in the OP are to actually think about the Brady Bunch.

Firepit No. 11 in the OP’s link is from Johnny Carson’s former home in Malibu. It isn’t clear whether that’s the way it looked when he lived there or whether it’s a redesign for a subsequent owner, but it’s very cool either way.

Cite: http://www.zillow.com/digs/Chris-Barrett-Design-boards/Wildlife-Home/

Those are tragic scenes of 1970’s California poverty. It was 9 people living in one house (10 when they brought in poor cousin Oliver) and only 1 known bathroom. The kids were stacked three to a bedroom and the only breadwinner was Mike, the junior architect at a mid-sized local firm. It is a wonder that they survived at all although, if things got too bad, they could always get Johnny Bravo to whore himself out for a few extra dollars.

Were sunken living rooms a common feature of that era? Don Draper had one on Mad Men. Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, the Odd Couple.

They had a servant, and their habits were so extravagant that tradespeople like the butcher would come to their door. You didn’t see Mike and Carol’s master bath with the gigantic shower and Jacuzzi tub. Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading Trollope lately, but my thought is that Mrs. Brady was an heiress who came away with a substantial settlement from her first marriage.

That’s funny.

I always suspected Mike was actually a porn star on the side to bring in extra cash.

PS. The X files Brady house episode is funny as shit.

Series creator Leonard Schwartz says in his book “Brady, Brady, Brady” that when he was a writer for Red Skelton in the 1950s that domestic help was cheap enough that he could afford a cleaning woman for his wife and four children. I dunno about that but housing costs were less back then

 Of course later critically acclaimed shows like "Friends" and "Sex and the City" were famous for accurately depicting young, single people on a budget in Manhattan

I never thought of it as a sunken room, since the kitchen, dining area, and back room were on the same level. I just assumed it was a false step up to the front door and stairs, to give the appearance of a sunken living room.

Concerning that real house, groovy! :smiley: It is definitely very very Brady. I noticed something quite interesting about it besides that. The price! The article to which you linked is from 2013 and cites a listing for the house, which was up for sale at the time. The listing includes this detail:

But if you click on the realtor’s link and go to the page for the house today, which notes the house is now off the market, it says the estimated value is a mere $86k! A look at the property history shows that indeed it was listed for $399k in 2013 (when that article originated) but the price was droped to $285k a year later when it still hadn’t sold and eventually delisted altogether. Guess nobody wanted a Brady house, even with the orange carpet and blue his 'n hers bathroom sinks! $399k ask down to est. value of $86k. Wow! :eek: