Did The Mossad Advise GWB About Iraq?

It seems to me that we have made some major mistakes in iraq…and that our blunders are getting us into deeper trouble. Had i been a senior advisor to the president, i would have advised against invading iraq. Of course, now, we are stuck. My question: the israeli mossad is known for its excellent intelligence gathering capabilities, especially in the ME. They have many agents who were born in, and grew up in countires like iraq. Surely, we must have availed ouyrselves of their advice 9before planning this debacle).
Does anybody know if the isarealis offered any “formal advice”-and if so, what was it?
I’d hate to learn that some senior Israeli intelligence expert had come to Bushe’s advisors and said the equivilent of “DON’T do It!”-anybody know about this? :confused:

Certainly possible. Thats what the Israelis said to Carter about trying to rescue the hostages. He asked because of their experience in a loosly-similar operation at Entebbe.

They said: It will go very badly.
It went very badly.

It’s hard to sort out facts from speculation when it comes to the Administration’s pre-invasion intentions and knowledge concerning Iraq, but what I’ve seen indicates that Israeli intelligence was supporting the war justifications, not arguing against them. A December 2003 Washington Post article said:

That doesn’t address the question of whether Israeli intelligence specifically, formally advised the US one way or the other about starting the war, though. But apparently there is not universal agreement on Mossad’s “excellent intelligence gathering capabilities”.

The best advice in the world is useless if the decision-makers don’t want to use it:

British memo indicates Bush made intelligence fit Iraq policy