Did the Nazis really use the shrunken heads of dead Jews to terrify new prisoners?

Seems bizarre even for the Nazis. Any cites for this other than the wiki article?


At Buchenwald yes it happened. Picture on scroll and the heads were, as Cecil notes,
submitted as evidence at the Camp Commadant’s War Crime Trial and Yale notes where the heads came from:

*One more example of this pathological phase of Nazi culture, another Nazi trophy, is a human head with the skull bone removed, shrunken, stuffed, and preserved. (This was offered by the prosecution as a physical exhibit.) This head probably belonged to a foreign worker, kidnapped by Sauckel to work in Speer’s armament industry. The Nazis had one of their many victims decapitated after having had him hanged for fraternizing with a German woman; they fashioned this ornament from his head. This represents the end product of the Nazi system, representing both the degradation of the Nazi “master” and the anguish of his victim. The official U. S. Army report attached to this exhibit deals with the manner in which this exhibit was acquired. It reads in part:

“There I also saw the shrunken heads of two young Poles who had been hanged for having relations with German girls. The heads were the size of a fist, and the hair and the marks of the rope were still there.” (3423-PS)*

As to it happening at “concentration camps” I am almost sure that wouldn’t happen at Treblinka - which was an extermination camp and was a place built on the deception that it wasn’t. When the Jews got off the train the station it looked to be a quant village train station complete with travel posters and a clock. [The train station was in fact the warehouse where they put the clothes after they were told to separate by sex out and strip naked upon arrival]. Even the gas station was made to look like any other service station, complete with flower beds. The gas chamber itself had a Star of David on it, and had been inscribed in Hebrew: “Through here the righteous shall pass”.

They didn’t want Jews to think they had come to an “extermination camp” the whole idea was to keep them calm and in order and to think that if they worked hard and obeyed they mighthave a small chance to survive. To parade the shruken heads in front of them would defeat the entire purpose of the decption…

Never underestimate . . .