Did the Palestinians nix an independent state in 1947?

If this has been covered in any of the threads concerning Israel and the Palestinians, I apologize, as I have not followed them.

Anyway. . . I heard some folks talk about the post-WWII area and mentioned something to the effect that “the Palestinians were offered an independent state in 1947–and they turned it down.” I didn’t get to hear any more, so. . .

Was there a deal for an independent state after WWII, and, if the deal was nixed, who did it?

All websites commenting on the Mid East seem to have an agenda. This UN page might help: History of the Palestine Problem

What people mean was that the Arabs rejected the UN Partition Plan, which would have created a Palestinian Arab state. There wasn’t ever a deal that gave the Arabs the Palestinian state they wanted, i.e., all of Palestine.

The surrounding Arab countries nixed the idea. The Palestinians themselves were strangely silent during the debate, as much of their leadership had previously been expelled by the British. Source: My understanding of Cleveland, A History of the Modern Middle East.

The UN website description glosses over a few critical points. They talk about the war that followed the declaration of independence by Jewish Palestians. Then they say that Israel ended up with 77% of Mandate Palestine.

A reader might well infer that Israel started the war to win more land. Of course, the opposite is true. Five Arab countries attacked the new country.

The UN website also never fully explains why Transjordan and Egypt occupied the West Bank and Gaza for 20 years and didn’t use that time to set up the Arab Palestinian state that was set aside by the UN.

The UN website also provides very little context for the continual war against Israel by its Arab neighbors. Between the traditional war-time fighting, there were hundreds of attacks by Arab infiltrators against Israeli civilians. Not quite the carnage modern terrorists are doing, but still pretty unsettling for Israeli civilians.

My own view is the Arab Palestinian people have had horrendous leaders who have, as Abba Eban once said, never missed an opportunity to miss and opportunity. Their leaders and friends have tried everything to destroy Israel. Four wars failed to achieve there goal, so then they decided they would try a new tactic. Let their Palestinian brothers live in the squaller of UN-funded refugee camps instead of resettling them.

Why leave them in these camps? In the hopes of having them (or there decendents) return to the places they were living (inside Israel) when they fled during the 1948 war – a war the Arab countries started and which they proudly assured everyone would be a “war of annihalation” against the Palestinian Jews.