Did The Perfect Master (Cecil) ever do a cartoon voice?

Last night I caught the closing credits of the Adult Swim show “Home Movies” (“Home Videos”?) and in the closing credits it listed as a guest voice:


I doubt if it actually was THE Perfect Master but who knows…

Well, you never know. How many other (semi)-famous guys do you know named Cecil Adams?
I, for one, can’t think of anything funnier than reading one of Cecil’s columns in a Daffy Duck voice. For some reason that crossed my mind when I saw your topic.

I’m curious

Would definitely be interesting. I happened to actually tape that episode (IMHO, Adult Swim has to be the best thing on tv these days), so I’ll have to go back and listen to any different characters.
“Home Movies” is made by the Soup2Nuts production company, which is based out of Massachusetts, and Cartoon Network is based in Atlanta, while Cecil is in Chicago. All of that is pretty meaningless though, since a voice is about the easiest thing to record and send somewhere. Soup2Nuts does have a website and ‘contact us’ though, if someone felt like just asking them.

Even if it was Our Cecil, I doubt if he would own up to it. He seems to be a really reclusive guy.

I was half-watching That 70s Show the other night, when during the closing credits, I could have sworn I saw: “Casting Director - Cecil Adams”. A quick check of IMDb showed it was really Cecily Adams. Daughter of Don “Get Smart” Adams! But not our perfect master.

Erm, not that that has anything to do with the OP, of course. Unless it happens to be the same person.

BioHazard - What was the episode? Your OP implies you only saw the closing credits, but anyway.

What night was it?

Hmmm… a credits list shows a Carl W. Adams as the Director of Audio, who could very well have done a guest voice. Could you have glanced at it quickly and read it wrong?

Possibly, but I COULDA SWORN it was Cecil C. Adams (not sure about the middle initial)