Did the President only declare a state of emergency in the non-coastal areas?

I found this interesting map purporting to show that President Bush’s declaration of emergency in Louisiana before Hurricane Katrina hit didn’t apply to the coastal areas of the state.

The map is based on the parishes mentioned in the original declaration.

Is this really true?

Zev Steinhardt

Something more than meets the eye is going on here.

I wonder if this federal assistance (relating to Tropical Storm Cindy) to several of the parishes in the New Orelans area made it unnecessary for them to be included in the later declaration?

Also, this further Katrina-related declaration seems to list all of the parishes correctly.

Wooo, that’s world-domination for you…an incorrect link to whitehouse.gov sent me to microsoft.com!!!

Correct link - http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2005/09/20050908-5.html

Note that your declaration is from September 8, a week after the storm. The one cited by the OP is from two weeks earlier.

I realize that. I can’t account for what’s in the first release.

Looking at the FEMA website, I see a disaster declaration for Cindy on 8/23 and one for Katrina on 8/29, right at about the same time disasters were declared in Mississippi and Alabama.