Did the Romans have an equivalent to Apollo?

I was thinking the other day that the Romans had an equivalent to most of the gods in the Greek Pantheon: Jupiter = Zeus, Juno = Hera, Minerva = Athena, Diana= Artemis, and so on.

But, I couldn’t think of an equivalent to Apollo. Did they not have one, or did they just use the same name as the Greeks?

The Roman equivelant of Apollo is…wait for it…Apollo.

Agree with pan1. That’s what I recall from my Classical Civilizations class in college (I took all the tough courses) - that Apollo was the only god whose name did not change from Greek to Roman pantheons…TRM

I think they liked him so much they just adopted him as is.

The Roman Space program was limited by multiple factors, notably a cosmology that identified celestial bodies with deities, a lack of sufficient mathematical and computational power - which was further limited by the “Roman Numeral” system - and insufficient research into rocket fuels.

Had Archimedes been captured alive by the Romans after the siege of Syracuse - comparable to the capture of Werner Von Braun - the subsequent development of Roman rocket technology might have been much different.

He was sometimes called Phoebus by Roman sources;

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A detailed discussion of Roman views of a Greek god can be found here:


It’s worth noting that while Apollo was not per se a sun god, he was often equated by the Greeks with Helios, the sun personified, and hence by the Romans with Sol, the Helios-equivalent in their pantheon. (Helios and Sol were always minor gods, without a significant cultus of their own.)

After Aurelian, the cult of Sol became a major one.

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