Did the Surviving Castmembers of Gilligan's Island Make any Money on the DVD Sales?

The question is in the title.

Probably not. They weren’t getting anything from syndication.

It seems to me I watched an interview with Sherwood Schwartz and he said one of the motivations for “Rescue From Gilligan’s Island” was for them to get some compensation. Again, I am going from memory and may be totally off.

Leonard Nimoy once commented on the number of people who thought he (and the rest of the cast) were making lots of bucks on the reruns of Star Trek.
He said that for the actors the residuals ran out after 7 years. That’s the way the contracts were drawn up at that time.

But since DVD technology didn’t exist in 1960-whatever, their contracts couldn’t have included OR excluded a share of the DVD sales. :confused:

Wow - this is a really good question and has me stumped. I guessing no but what do I know. Interesting. I think they were in the wrong era but who knows.