Did the US Military steal it's camouflage pattern from the Canadians?

Canadians assisted the US military by giving them development info on their licensed CADPAT camo, and later the US Military claims it just happened to create an extremely similar pattern from the ground up. It seems like the Marines might possibly have pulled a fast one.

Digital Camouflage History - Who did it first; Canada or the US?

MARPAT - (short for MARine PATtern),

CADPAT, or Canadian disruptive pattern

If it was done “with full Canadian concurrence,” as your first link says, I hardly see how it can be considered “stealing.”

Of course we “borrowed” it from the Canadians. That is obvious. It was done with the full concurrence of the Canadian Government. The Marines who are claiming credit are just being disingenious. All was done to avoid paying fees, as the OP states. No huhu.

They are nice designs, though.