Did these old comics actually exist?

I’m clearly regressing to my teenage comic-reading days of the mid- to late-60s. For some reason my brain has thrown up single-frame memories of two unlikely-sounding comics that it thinks I read back in those days:

  • a comic book treatment of Woody Allen’s stand-up material of that era. I distinctly recall a frame of his bit about his family being too poor to buy him a dog, so they get him an ant and just tell him it’s a dog (“I was a dumb kid …”). Of course, the neighbourhood bully steps on his dog.

  • a comic-book equivalent of the Monkees, that is a manufactured band. I remember almost nothing about them except there were two girls and 2 or 3 boys in the band. The two fragments from this book/these books I recall are:

1/ one of the guys gets suddenly rich (inheritance or lottery I guess), and one of the girls decides to inveigle him into marrying her to get her hands on the money (“Charactername becomes a marriage-minded mantrap!”). Despite warnings from all and sundry he goes ahead, but is saved when the she baulks at the part of the marital oath that says “for richer or for poorer” - she realises she only loves him for richer, and her hippy honesty kicks in.

2/ a musical, none of which I remember except that the final number was called “I’m Sure the South Will Rise Again”. I guess my memory of this has been triggered by some of the recent ACW revisionist threads here lately.

Scroll to the bottom & see if this answers any of your questions.




Relatedly, there was the newspaper strip titled Inside Woody Allen, which ran from 1976 to 1984. I’m slightly too young to remember those comic books.

An animated sequence in (I think) Manhattan featured Woody drawn in this style.

Annie Hall, when he’s talking about how he had a crush on the Wicked Queen from Snow White.

Yeah, I recognized The Maniaks from your description.

If you want to see even earlier Woody Allen animation, check out the opening credits for What’s Up, Tiger Lily?. UPA did the animation

Yes, wedgehed, that would be it - no doubt I bought it for the Woody connection (so to speak). Whether that issue contained the Woody stand-ups bits I recall, and/or the bizarre musical I remember, I’m not sure … ah, here we go, this issue looks like the marriage one. Amazing. Thanks folks!