Did they ever solve the Tylenol poisonings (early 1980's)?

Did anyone ever come up with a decent idea about what happened to all those people who were poisoned by Tylenol laced capsules?

I know they did jail one person but it seemed like he didn’t do it rather was just out to extort money.

Another thing to think about is how many people got away with this before we had all this tamper apparent packaging. I recall at the time the local news saying if all those people in the same house hadn’t died they still may have not made the connection.

As far as I know, they never found out who did it.

I doubt there was much of this sort of thing before the Tylenol tamperings. No one would have thought of doing it.

I remember a news story of one man being caught and convicted for what I’m pretty sure was Tylenol poisoning. They nailed him because he poisoned his wife with poison in a Tylenol bottle and then poisoned bottles in stores to direct suspicion away from himself. This brilliant plan didn’t work. I’m not an internet master but I would think there would be news archives (Reuters?) somewhere on the net where you could search Tylenol and get the story.

The original Tylenol poisoner was never caught. A guy who tried to extort money from Tylenol claiming he was the Tylenol killer was apprehended and charged with extortion (but not murder). The husband mentioned above was a copycat killer- he heard about the Tylenol killer and poisoned his wife in an attempt to blame it on the random Tylenol poisoner.

I think they monitored the people who bought Tylenol manf. stock when it hit a low point & there were the suspects.

The Tylenol poisonings are officially still an open case. They convicted a man (and possibly his wife) for extortion when he sent letters to the company saying they’d do it again if they weren’t paid off. That guy is/was the prime suspect in the actual poisonings, and I believe the law enforcement officials involved think he actually did it. However, they just don’t have enough to charge him.

I have a book, The Anatomy of Motive that discusses this case, and that’s what I’m remembering. I’ll try to dig it out, but probably won’t be able to find it 'til early next week (books I don’t plan to read again get stored in boxes).

This isn’t an answer, but it’s a truly wild theory some guy came up with - in any event, IMVOHFO, it’s worth a read.

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To quote Keanu Reeves, “Whoa!”. And I do men “Whoa!”. This attorney has solved many of the crimes that have eluded police departments this century, including (believe it or not) the O.J. Simpson and JonBenet Ramsay murders!

He must have read “Curtain” by Agatha Christie.

A small point though, that makes the account doubtful in my mind: The writer claims that he doesn’t want to publish his evidence in a “tabloid”-style newspaper because he doesn’t trust it to report on the case fairly and accurately. If you can’t trust a tabloid, whom can you trust?

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There was one of those Medical Examiner mystery shows on a few months back that covered the Tylenol killings. (You know, the guy with the monotone creepy voice, all the reenactments of the scene, that sort of thing.)

From what I remember, a woman was trying to kill her husband for the insurance money, and went a bit overboard to conceal it. They tracked her down through the type of poison used – it was some additive for tropical fish tanks, and she was a regular customer at an LFS that sold it. She was also relatively sloppy cleaning up, and it wasn’t too hard to pin it on her.

I’ll see if I can find anything on the web about the show.

LFS? Local Fish Store?

Suze, I saw that ep. She didn’t use the algicide as the poison. Rather, the mortar and pestle she sued to grind up the poison were also used by her to grind up the algicide for her fish tank. Algicide residue (in the form of greenish-blue flakes) was found in the laced Tylenol. Apparently, she didn’t clean the mortar and pestle very well before poison grinding.

Investigators I.D.'d the components in the flakes as being common algicides and remembered that this woman had a fish tank. They figured out which brand had the exact chemical composion of the algicide, found which stores in the area sold that brand and showed her picture around. A fish store guy recognized her and connected the algicide to her.

This is all IIRC, mind you…

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Here’s the story on my previous post:

I don’t think it’s the poisoning spree the OP was referring to, though.

“The world ends when I die. And as far as I’m concerned, the rest of the universe might as well call it a day too.” – Matt Groening

Alpha: Thanks! I knew I wasn’t totally crazy, but couldn’t remember all the details.

The program definitely seemed to play it up as more than a “simple” murdering of a spouse and that others had died thanks to her chemistry experiments, and they did an awful lot of showing Tylenol bottles on store shelves, sooooo … If it’s not the same one, then far too many sickos are sharing the same thought processes. Scary.

Nope, it’s not the same one. I think the one you mentioned was also discussed in the book I talked about above (and still haven’t had a chance to pull out).