Did this Chinook pilot get a medal or something? Or is this just another day at the office?

See subject. 10th Mountain Division. US regular fucking Army.

Actually kind of general question for rewards for good soldiering not at the level of stars (whatever those requirements may be).

This photois relatively well known. Just found this shotfrom a different view.

“Just another day at the office” itself gets you a medal or three. The military has medals at many different levels, including for basically not getting a dishonorable discharge.

That said, I’m not sure if there’s one specifically for the sort of activity shown in those pictures.

That guy is* good.*

FoieGrasIsEvil posted this thread about a similar troop extraction on a hillside.
Jaw-dropping starts at about 2:00.

Amazing. I’m bumping that thread to invite them over.

Yes, but it was a British Chinook pilot who won a medal.